New motorcyclists and disappointments

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A comrade of mine has bought a new old motorcycle. A Nuevo Falcone adapted to reality. He knows that no mobility guarantee, or whatever guarantee, is given on such an old rabbit. He is not afraid of disappointments. But what he found at D Classics was new to him. He was pleasantly surprised in the pleasant intake interview in Bedum. Because the salesman did not do his best to sell the engine before he knew what meat he had in the tub.

A warned person ...

Because Rik has covered himself against the unrealistic expectations that quite a few 'new motorcyclists' have. They think 'Passion', think 'lifestyle'. And we forget that we are actually talking about old technology and old motorcycles.

We must be happy with those M / F people. They are actually 'the next generation'. But their approach is quite different from Old Skool motorcyclists. They don't have a motorcycle history for years. They usually have little technical insight and about zero key experiences. And they have expectations. Out of innocence. Out of passion. And that sometimes turns into massive disappointments.

That is because they only discovered motorcycling after their third year and discovered it not so much as a blind passion, but as a 'lifestyle'.

That is why Rik has created an A4 as a warning and vermaeck:

"Safety advice":
Before purchasing an old-timer it is wise to think carefully: do I buy a motorcycle that suits me in terms of wishes and technology? Take a look at old-timer clubs, consult others and orient yourself with my colleagues.

When you buy an old-timer, you realize that the maintenance and tinkering of such an engine must be part of the pleasure, the experience. Undoubtedly there will be defects sooner or later. Resolving this is one of the aspects of old-timer driving.

The engines of D-Classics are usually more than 40 years old. They have the technology, reliability and safety from that time. Moreover, the materials and parts used are old, and they have often experienced a few things. Realize this and keep it in mind during use. Also make a habit of checking the engine before each ride and consult a specialist in case of doubt. Yes, there are.

Our motors are externally inspected before a sale and a test drive is driven. This way we can give you an impression of the condition of the engine, but as you will understand we cannot dismantle motorcycles to determine the internal condition.

Of course we will inform you in good faith about your possible purchase when purchasing. But we cannot guarantee our classics.

We wish you a lot of driving and key pleasure with your motorcycle just bought.

 Look, this way you avoid disappointed customers.

And if they are, it is against better judgment. Also Richard Busweiler, from Genemuiden - specialist in old Russian tricycles, has such a realistic approach that actually means that he does not in principle want to sell to people who cannot tinker, but who want such a piece of ex Soviet heritage to fit their ponytail. , bun, beard and tattoos. To someone who looked at his smart phone with half an eye on the entire conversation, he said: “I definitely believe you can use the phone. But can you also tinker? I wouldn't start it ”.

So let's try and coach the new generation of classic enthusiasts. That is a win-win situation for all parties.

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