This weekend in Leek: Classic motorcycle & moped fair

Classic motorcycle & moped fair
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Lovers of classic motorbikes and mopeds would do well to travel to Leek this weekend. On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March you will find the 6 in the Leek Sports Centere Classic motorcycle & moped fair taking place. The organization - also known for the Oldtimer and Classic fair in Leek - has again put together a nice offer. 

Various clubs will show their collections of motorbikes in the two halls of the Sports Center with the necessary enthusiasm and pride. Motorized two-wheelers are presented in Leek, which date from the period from the beginning of the last century to the end of the 1980s. In addition to the presence of the clubs, various private individuals will also make their appearance in Leek. They have registered to sell hum bicycles or simply show them to visitors.

Indian and Brough

The organizers - Anton Rosema and Jacob Veenema - demand special attention for the collection of pre-war motorbikes from Gert Holmersma from Marum. He brings along beautiful machines - such as an Indian and a Brough - and those who are well-informed in the world of classic engines know that these engines will be among the showpieces.

Wide range of classic mopeds

In addition to the classic motorcycles, extensive attention is also paid to the lighter motorized two-wheelers of yesteryear: mopeds. Various copies of the brands Zündapp, Kreidler, Puch, Berini, Testi and other brands are present in large numbers. Special is the arrival of a private collector of Kreidler mopeds, who will exhibit his collection in Leek.

Parts and related matters

Visitors to Leek will also be able to visit exhibitors with a varied range. Various sellers of parts, documentation, tools, thumbnails and other two-wheeler related items have registered. Not only the fixed values ​​are in the Sports Center of the party, there will also be many new exhibitors coming to Leek.

Younger used

In addition, just like last year, space has been reserved for occasions of a younger age. Traders and private individuals can offer their motorbikes, mopeds and scooters for sale in a special occasion corner. And this year, private individuals were also offered the opportunity to sell parts and similar items, and to register for this free of charge.

Classic outboard engines

Finally, the organization has snatched another special participant for the trade show in Leek. The Collector Museum displays an exceptional collection of pre-war outboard engines from the Collector Museum. Mr Reindersma from the museum will treat the interested people to fascinating stories.

Hospitality guaranteed

Those traveling to Leek on Saturday or Sunday will be rewarded with an attractive exhibition. The hospitality and pleasant accessibility, always presented in Leek, is also a guarantee for a successful visit.

More information

The trade fair, which is held at the Sportcentrum Leek at address Schelp 35, is open on both days from 09: 00 to 17: 00 hours. You can find more information about the event in Leek on the website of the organization.

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