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This rally gun is for real racing enthusiasts, for the man who enjoys speed and loves to impose his will on the mighty engine. And the power source in this NSU is a Backes & Schürgers 1300 cc rally engine! You can find this bright orange rascal at Bourguignon Classics in Leeuwarden, which attracts everyone's attention, a super sports car that stands out. And whichever way you look at it, this NSU 1200 TT remains in a class of its own.

GTI class?

This unique NSU 1200 TT was the Golf GTI of the 60s and 70s and won everything in races and rallies. In every race the TT was put through its paces in depth and in many different ways. And was mercilessly beaten in the races and other demanding competitions. They became sporting successes all over the world.


Ramon wants to put inspiration in his work, which you can see in his unique collection of classics. In every conversation about these cars, the floodgates of enthusiasm open. It is a creative and constructive instinct that resulted in the discovery of this unique rally gun from the 70s, this NSU 1200 TT. The history shows that the car was delivered new by dealer De Boer in Gorredijk and that all 4 owners came from Friesland. Very recently - in 2018 - the orange rascal was still active in the Tulip Rally, 2500 problem-free and successful kilometers on the asphalt.

Home tuner from NSU

We are going to please the real technicians with this summary of the details. The Spiess company developed many special parts for this NSU 1200 TT, all of which can still be found:

  • Negative camber due to the Spiess steering knuckles.
  • Widened steel wheel arches and welded bodywork.
  • Adjustable ride height by means of coilovers and Bilstein gas dampers.
  • Roll cage, bucket seats with 4-point belts.
  • Tripmaster rally computer.
  • Parking heater and extra cooling on the disc brakes.
  • Separate braking circuit, larger rear brake cylinders.
  • Nitrided crankshaft, Spiess camshaft.
  • 2 x double Webers carburetors.
  • Shortened Spiess intake manifold.
  • Programmable electronic ignition.
  • Spiess racing clutch and flywheel, oil pan with oil baffles.
  • Oversized pistons from B&S.
  • Custom cylinder sleeves and a flowed cylinder head.
  • 4-2-1 exhaust system.
  • Gearbox with limited slip differential and 1000 TTS CV joint drive shafts.

It will not surprise you that the NSU 1200 TT can reach a top speed of 658 km per hour with a weight of only 195 kilos, a true powerhouse.

Museum value

Ramon's collection has museum value, he continues to focus on special classic cars where you can see the technical development. Think of the special Audis and DKWs that adorn his showroom. He has his own view on the classic phenomenon, just compare the lines of classic cars with the average modern car. The garage owner from Leeuwarden is active every day with the dealership of Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi and is also a collector - as a hobby - of special and exclusive classics, and that is a taste of pure passion!

You can also taste the passion monthly with a subscription to Auto Motor Klassiek. Just look in the rear-view mirror and enjoy all those beautiful youngtimers, classics and oldtimers on 2 or 4 wheels. We are looking for connoisseurs, enthusiasts and collectors who cannot stop talking about their possessions: Admiring and appreciating them is an experience in itself!


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  1. The NSU 1000 TTS was also my first car, a bright green one with two double webers and beautiful GB rims.
    It was sprayed jet black at a later stage, a real small cannon😎.
    Sold to a friend!

  2. In the 1970s I was a student at the IVA in Driebergen.
    A classmate of mine, Willem Vroomen, came from Limburg and had such an NSU.
    During the practical lesson the car was put on the roller test bench to measure the power.
    Despite the fan, the engine ran hot and came to a stop with a huge bang.
    Willem sat behind the wheel looking very disappointed.
    I think he overhauled the engine again.

  3. My late brothers also had one of those, which was the start of the Kempen night rallies in '60 for them. It was the predecessor of the GTI, a real bomb on wheels

  4. Well, I grew up with it, at one point my wife and I had a Prinz, then the 1000 followed for both of us, and then the 1209 TT I had a fire red, actually crazy to immediately repaint a new car in the Ferrari red, my wife kept it modestly white, then switched to BMW, the white one is gone and the red one is still in storage, in the hope that I can still have it restored, but he is not the only one in the waiting room stands

  5. Received such an orange TT as a gift from a garage owner friend of my father in the seventies. There was some rust on it and he was too busy to fix it. I had to promise not to take it on public roads, because I was only 15 years old in 1975. Completely worn out by me and my friends on the land, here my parents' farm. It's a shame, but you take that opportunity as a mischievous boy, right?

  6. Beautiful car(!!)
    And those NSU power units were a model of construction too. They were and still are real poison frogs. If you google the engine tuner, you will see even more of those gems. You used to see those NSUs driving around in the summer with their mouths open. Engine lid open for just a little more cooling. At least that's how I drove them. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them in the wild for twenty years or so. Shame. They were fun, they are fun and they remain fun, and that fun is actually just beautiful!

  7. As a motorcycle enthusiast, I think it should also be mentioned that the engine of the 1200 TTS was also the basis for Friedl Munch (I can't get that umlaut on the u) for his famous Munch Mammut.

  8. NSU once a well-known sewing machine factory like ADLER, only Adler stayed with motorcycles, NSU Neckarsulm Stichmachine Union plus the collaboration with Fiat after the war was swallowed up by the big boys with MONEY, too bad 😥😪

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