Old-timers yet MRB exemption?

Perhaps the MRB vintage car exemption will still be retained
Perhaps the MRB vintage car exemption will still be retained
For example, we just read on colleague Autoweek's website that it might not be so bad and the old-timers remain exempt from MRB, also under the new cabinet. For example, sources on Finance confirmed to the magazine. As we understood, the newly appointed State Secretary for Finance Frans Weekers, himself a classic enthusiast and owner of a Peugeot 504, wants to spare the old-timer enthusiasts.

With a form of a sixty or thirty day pass, he wants to preserve the cultural heritage in the field of cars and motorcycles for the Dutch road network, the big picture of which his Peugeot is naturally also a part. Although it is perhaps a little too early to cheer, he has the heart in our opinion. At least it would be it daily use discourage a classic. Or the actions such as those of the KNAC, the petition on which almost 60.000 people signed up has now become useless? No, we don't think so. Because it immediately makes clear how many people think this way. The petition is apparently still online until Tuesday, instead of as previously indicated today. So subscribe, if you have not already done so.


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  1. as an old-timer enthusiast my cars are in various garage I have received sewage tax assessments from the municipality over the past 3 year that are 187.00 e.kassa !!!!
    no end to milking, because in our country you now have to pay to drain the rainwater.

  2. most enthusiasts also have a "normal car" to drive, so mrb is already paid for that and what difference does it make with which one they drive?
    [I already pay 128,00 euros in the month for mine]
    pure extra tax that is the purpose of this government, so people finally think again when they have to vote again, and no longer believe all the nice talk, and first look at a party program

  3. The solution could be: legally set a reasonable number of kilometers per year for old-timers (insurance companies already set standards therein) Keeping the actual kilometers driven can be checked / registered via the MOT inspection.
    The automatic digital link to the tax authorities should not be a problem.
    So exceeding the agreed kilometers per year simply means justifiable additional payment. No hassle with 30-60 day tickets or whatever. Simply be able to determine yourself when you want to make the total allowed kilometers per year.

  4. Just like with the old gray license plate, where even Alfa Spiders were put on gray, you also have to deal with profiteers and handy guests who see a nice hole in it with the Oldtimer exemption.

    This afternoon the Nieuwe AMK fell into a debus and I read the article about the MRB in 1 breath.
    Point 1, in which it was suggested that an old-timer only becomes MRB-free if it is not used as a Dialy, is against me. Not every old-timer driver who has his old-timer as the only car drives a lot of miles a year. I now drive a nissan 100 NX and run no more than 7000 km per year. With which I then again meet point 2 in the article.
    I intend to buy a BMW 525E next year as the only car. Reason I like to tinker with it, has a higher seat than my current Japanese and 4 fully-fledged seats. In addition, I actually want to purchase an 45 city diesel (= moped car) for the many short city trips and visits within a radius of 30 km.

    So I think an adjustment of the suggested ideas is in order. Furthermore, I would like to see that, as happens in Germany, higher demands are made on the originality of the oldtimer. It still happens all too often that a classic car is purchased, completely modernized under the skin and with the approval of the RDW, people can happily rip around MRB-free. Of course, this has nothing to do with an old-timer anymore. Unlike Germany, I would like to allow this to promote safety without violating the original too much. Then I mean, for example, power steering, improved braking (without directly hanging thick Brembos underneath). Overly modern things that were not available in the near term of the model should not be used. So no big deal of squeezing a modern turbo diesel into a BMW 2002. That falls under customizing

    • That will be a complicated story. You are against modernizing an old-timer, but power steering and other things are possible? Let's stop all that childish differentiation (and envy) and let this hitherto hypocritical government come up with a simple and above all fair road tax system. Then we also get rid of this discussion and everyone pays according to use. In The Hague, politicians apparently like to listen to their own drivel such as “the user pays”, but actually putting such a thing into practice doesn't seem to work.

      • I think we already pay to use just look at the excise duty and cost price fuel 22% VAT 75% excise duty what are we talking about

  5. are there really people who REALLY believe that this measure is to protect the environment?
    those few “smelly mercedesses” that a few people talk about in derogatory terms, they really won't be the cause ...

    In the time of austerity, the Environment is not important at all, it is just a pure money issue.
    a relatively easy source of income, if they do not come from the MRB of the previously exempted voitures, it will come from the cars that were purchased as replacements, because the former MRB exempted Oldtimer can no longer be paid, because now MRB for this must be paid ...

    by the way, the 30 or 60 day card is not okay either ...
    There are families where, for example, an Oldtimer has been purchased as an 2 car, which is therefore used several times
    is going to be….

    So…. Abolish the exemption because it is better for the environment… Have you completely sniffed out Rutte?

  6. NO massive old-timer manifestation to The Hague. When they see all those smoking, leaking old cars, many will think it is a good measure to stop it. Most classics only drive 1000 - 3000 km per year and many even less. The environmental impact is therefore relatively small, but if all those cars start driving at the same time, no, that's not good. My 600 cc Citroën Dyane also has a surprisingly low emission of harmful substances. On vacation I drove an average of 1: 18,5, a value that usually cannot be achieved in 2012.

  7. Oh yes, and then some,

    paying with road tax have you suddenly become environmentally friendly?

    And legislation that encourages accelerated depreciation of goods, in this case forcing you to buy a new car, ... how much environmentally unfriendly energy does the production process for all those new cans cost? (It has once been calculated that the footprint is 200 km,… that is significantly more than we will cover with our oldtimer, ..
    Destruction of old quality, I have a lot of trouble, repair / restoration feels better.

    Mr. Weekers, I urge you to leave those few old cars alone (in a few years it will look very different anyway due to a natural process) and focus on the big picture.

    do you know what is polluting? old crackling lawn mowers, and the roar of leaf blowers, especially those municipal ones…. Bah.

  8. The oldtimer already yields more on excise duty, (use) VAT (parts) merit (employment,) than a modern, economical small car that is new.
    classic driving is for the cheap? These people do not know what they are talking about !!!!!
    Enough tax money is already coming in via the above points.
    Even more questions, and the oldtimer is becoming too expensive for many people, therefore adapting the current rule in ANY way at any time CONTRA-PRODUCTIVE !!!
    Moreover, it also causes financial loss through depreciation to those who have invested a lot in their young timer up to 1987 last year, in other words unreliable government, ...
    and 60 day tickets is also simply a deprivation of liberty, and makes the hobby less fun anyway. (And what does a check after this not cost ??)
    Then give those old diesels a soot filter.
    The unrest was once again caused by dry theorists, who write a report and do not take all variables to the correct weight, and arrive at non-practical results.
    And these reports also lead to poor regulations.
    Once again the current law is the best, and even more taxing the car is simply no longer possible.
    It will have to be realized that the ultimate milking limit has been reached, and that change is above all just a deprivation of liberty, and nothing more than that, simply because new / small driving is now cheaper !! (which it wasn't until recently, ...)
    Yes, how do we make the Netherlands even more grumpy, ...

  9. An 30-60 day card probably means that your car cannot be on public roads the other days. However, not everyone, certainly in the Randstad, has access to a garage or garage.
    Purists will argue that without a shed you are not a 'real' car enthusiast. For people like me, from the Randstad with a small purse, however, stables and tinkering on the street is often the only way to practice this hobby. Few kilometers, a lot of tinkering.
    I expect that Weekers will have a shed for his 504, so he may not include this problem in the story. Plan: If they combine it with a huge barn construction stimulus package in the Randstad, then all men can live their 'shedism' to the fullest and I may also be able to find an affordable barn.
    Without a shed I am afraid that the hobby will become too expensive with an 2200kg old american and an 1900kg Landrover in addition to my daily problem.

    • Weekers has, in all likelihood, a beautiful garage available. Although sponsored. In the meantime, our amateur duo Rutte / Samsom has already caused sufficient direct damage in the old-timer industry. You hold your heart in this country of uncertainty. How long do we have to accept all those ill-considered plans from that bunch of amateurs?

  10. Hello, the farmers and contractors only let 1000 euros per tractor and excavator for other self-driving agricultural vehicles that lawn mowers pay that per year. Most farmers and their tractors there experience accidents with it every year.

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