Oldsmobile Sedan (1946) by Frans. The joy of driving… 

Oldsmobile Saloon (1946)
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Wasn't America always the land of happiness and prosperity? Where is the 'Sky the limit'? This dream world is not for everyone. But perhaps for Frans, because he found this extraordinarily special Oldsmobile in a reasonably good condition, which it now drives around after 7 years of restoration work (!).

By: Dirk de Jong

However, he was purchased in the Netherlands and exchanged with his super fast Corvette, where the story goes that he was in the collection of the formerly known Autotron. 

Precious possession

Yes, the body is original. However, the color was originally gray and a different engine has also been fitted. Its power source is now a 8 ci Chevrolet V350 small block. Frans is more builder than driver and so the American still got a personal touch. 

pleasure object? 

Every enthusiast dreams of finding a special and striking car and for a passionate enthusiast such as Frans it is simply an object of pleasure. In other words, you could also say that it is a large piece of metal (?) with which you can experience a lot of driving pleasure. In any case, his happiness thermometer is very high. 

Floating happiness 

Frans: “The sound is fantastic, you slide on the road. I thoroughly enjoy both. I notice the amazement on the way with this beautiful automobile. It's glamor on the road. An American would say: 'The body style is super cool'” Take a look at the dashboard. The design is phenomenal. And the body is spotless, not only the top, but also the bottom of this 'survivor' is 100 percent in order.” 

By owning this beautifully lined classic, more and more encounters with special people are created and that gives Frans pure positive energy. We are happy to pass on the enthusiastic stories to our readers. We do that much more extensively in Auto Motor Klassiek. A Subscription is therefore very sensible. You'll see its value as it drops on your doorstep every month, while also enjoying daily stories on the free website. So don't hesitate, just do it!  


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  1. What a vinegar zeikers are there again, boy

    If you don't have anything nice to say to someone who has had so much work on this cool tank, then don't say anything and keep scrolling.

    Well done French!!!!

  2. what a beautiful car and super neatly adapted to your own taste what others think of this doesn't make the driving pleasure any less
    for those who love unencrypted Americans
    do we have one here
    Buick 1941 4 door sedan with original 8 cyl. inline engine with twin carburettor
    (rare in a sedan) originally dark green metallic (still under the hood) but poorly repainted in black and gray metallic, everything else still original
    Cadillac 1962 4-door sedan white with light blue roof, otherwise also original
    the really interested !! Can I get my email through AMC?

  3. Dear French,
    very well done and the whole looks beautiful and in balance. Also nice to see the rims in proportion to the model. Respect that you restored this oldtimer yourself and gave it such a look and also respect that you have got the power source in so nicely to make the driving pleasure even better. Cheers!!!!

  4. Original or restomod, the owner has to make do with the car that makes him happy. In any case, Frans has gone for it. Life is too short not to do it. Historical value, originality? That's for the purists and the museum. This is a hobby for most of us and you can think differently about it.

  5. Well French,

    you caused quite a bit of dust with your “Olds”
    Strange to read comments from "people" who own the car
    have never seen. oh well.

  6. That Frans will think: “There are still hundreds (perhaps thousands) of originals of this Oldsmobile sedan. But there's only one of mine."

  7. I completely agree with previous comments. To each his own, so to speak, and in the end the owner has the right to do with his car what he wants.
    But beautiful is different.
    You can justify that more modern engine, because that is not immediately visible and may increase reliability. Luckily he stayed with the same mother house (GM). Because in the hot rod and custom environment you will also encounter Fords with a Chevy engine, for example. I never understood that.
    By refitting the original wheels (and tires with large white sidewalls) and repainting it in a more tasteful color, it can still be saved, fortunately it has not been 'chopped' or lowered, and apart from the strips on the front fenders all chrome is also still present. When the time comes to resell (old age, illness, fed up, whatever…) it can become a problem: that's what you have with 'modified' cars. After all, who will have the same taste? Undoing these abuses can cost just as much as a (light) restoration.
    Nevertheless, I wish the owner a lot of fun with his car, after all he has been working on it for seven years. You have to respect that too.

  8. It's such a shame that such cars from the fifties are so screwed up.
    This period has produced the most beautiful designs.
    We must be proud of our heritage and ensure that it is preserved for us and the next generation.
    A car that is so mutilated as this does not contribute positively to this and can never be returned to its original condition, a pity

  9. In the fifties in my village there was a wealthy contractor with a 50 door Oldsmobile and as children we looked at it with great pleasure. It is a pity that these and (often several other) old-timers have been so badly damaged by other colours, wheels, engines, lowering sets and/or hydrological inflatable conditions that were added later. Eternally a shame and it's just no longer fun to go to a show of old-timers because for a large part it is no longer original. Keep it original and don't mutilate something so beautiful. And that's my opinion.

    • The owner can do whatever he wants with this car.
      He can buy this car and have it painted in the color he wants.

      And we may like it or not.
      We may or may not love American cars.
      Give me a European car!

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