Old-timer Morris Minor as a lesson car

A Morris Minor can be better at work as a training car than as a billboard ...?!
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A Morris Minor can be better at work as a training car than as a billboard ...?!

After the British driving school owner Graham Rant saw a Volkswagen Beetle driving as a lesson car, he was certain that he was going to expand his fleet with a classic, a Morris Minor 1000. 't Autootje (year of construction 1970) was purchased, completely restored and somewhat adapted to current traffic.

For example, disc brakes on the front and an 1275 cc engine. According to Graham Rant, such a Morris is the ultimate training car. Easy to operate, very manoeuvrable, good view all around (get that in a modern car!) And the control buttons are clearly arranged, clear and easy to operate. The idea has apparently been received so well that the 'lessers' are almost fighting for this Minor ... A Morris Minor as a 'lesson car' is not new. In the fifties and sixties, such a car with an 'L' was a frequently seen guest on the road network. That was because such a cart was economical and especially forgiving.


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