Opel Manta CC (Combi Coupé) from 1980 – 'Grosse Fahrfreude' for Jaap. 

Auto Motor Klassiek » Casual meetings » Opel Manta CC (Combi Coupé) from 1980 – 'Grosse Fahrfreude' for Jaap. 

You may already know the Opel Manta as a coupé, but there is also another version with the same sporty performance: the Opel Manta CC. Just as modern and comfortable, but with a third door (Hatchback) for extra space and convenience. 

New Generation

Remarkably enough, the Opel Manta CC attracts a lot of attention from young people when Jaap – together with his girlfriend Patries – goes on fun rides. It is important that young people continue to cherish these beloved cars. They must be protected by enthusiasts like Jaap, who put their passion for cars into practice. 

Finding the Vauxhall Manta CC

Jaap came into contact with a car collector who had kept a number of Opels in unrestored condition, including this Opel Manta CC. Since 1994 the car has been stored in a dry, dark shed. The interior was still like new, but the wheel rims and sills were affected by rust. It was a challenge for Jaap to breathe new life into the Opel and start the restoration. (If you're excited, nothing seems too hard.)

Opel Manta CC. A Positive Circle of Pleasure. (Grosse Fahrfreude.)

Jaap: “I am delighted with this special version of the Opel Manta CC. The white paint, the powerful 2 liter engine and the automatic transmission really appeal to me. The original sliding roof makes it extra special. In a short time Patries and I have already gathered many admirers of this sporty Opel. Sometimes a die has to be used to determine who can use the car. Together we feel an intense enthusiasm when we drive our Opel Manta CC. It's a feeling that comes from within, maybe hard to explain, but real car enthusiasts will understand us."


Every car story confirms it: enthusiasm is inspiring and goes hand in hand with fun and joy. And that is ultimately what every car enthusiast is looking for, right? Speaking of which; as a regular reader of these messages you are of course a classic enthusiast and a subscriber Auto Motor Klassiek. Or is the latter still missing? Now is your chance, so don't hesitate any longer fill in that coupon. We guarantee plenty of reading pleasure every month.


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  1. I bought this at the end of last year and it needs welding, will start on it soon when it's not so hot anymore, and then the rest will follow spring.

    Have to look for bottom plates and they are not thickly strewn.

    I have an opel manta b hatchback 1.9N automatic with 92000 real kilometers on it with new brakes, sheet metal etc.

    Expect them to be quite expensive.

    ask ipelaar

    Opel manta cc (combi coupé) from 1980 - 'grosse fahrfreude' for jaap.

    • It is not in new condition, but crisis is a big word. The valve cover is a bit bare and the brass radiator of old Opels always gets ugly. The rest looks spotless.

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