Organization Bremen Classic Motorshow announces more about the main theme

Bremen Classic Motor Show

The Bremen Classic Motor Show will open its doors this Friday. The start of the German vintage car season - from 1 to 3 February in the Bremen trade fair- is traditionally graced by a number of special exhibitions. The main theme is colored by classic station wagons. In the run-up to the Classic Motor Show, the organization revealed which combination cars will be central in the German Hanseatic city.

Kombi Nations. That is the name of the Sonderschau in Hall 5 within the large stock exchange building in Bremen. Thirteen classic stations from six different countries make their appearance. The jewel: the Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake. In the run-up to the exhibition, this car was used as a logo for the communication expressions of the Bremer exhibition, and now it is clear which twelve cars surround this DB5 variant.

Thirteen combis from six countries

The organization chose to give the noble Briton company of special and more recognizable classics. The Wartburg 312 Camping, Opel Olympia CaraVan and the Mercedes 230 S Universal complete the German part. The Plymouth Sport Suburban (1960) and the Buick Super (1950) come from America. Volvo's Swedes also belong on a Kombi-Sonderschau. Gothenburg shows up with an 1800 ES prototype and with the latest car of the Sonderschau, the Volvo TWR 850 Estate BTCC (1994). Fiat is represented with the Fiat 130 ex U. Agnelli (1972 and the 500 Giardiniera. The Peugeot 202 U T2L (1938) and two Morris Travelers (Mini and Minor) close the row in a dignified way.

Illustrious two-wheelers

Traditionally, we already said, Bremen offers a variety of themes. The historic two-wheelers are also not underexposed. Harley Davidson and Indian are the defining brands of the special motor show "The Century of Cool - American motorcycles from 100 years". In Hall 1 you will see, in addition to the two main acts, a Henderson, a Flying Merkel, a Pierce and two Excelsior copies. Non-motorized two-wheeler transport also plays a role, because the organization has given classic racing bikes from eight decades a place under the Bremen sun.

Traditional variety

The aforementioned is only a selection from the range in Bremen, because also the young classics, small sub-themes (such as forty years VW T3, special cars in 1 to 1 packaging material, V8 movie stars), the trading platform, and an extensive range of parts, miniatures and vintage goods on offer will liven up the Bremen stock exchange building. And that also applies to the countless clubs. In total, more than 600 exhibitors are present in Bremen.

Enjoy undisturbed in an environment without frills

The upcoming Classic Motor Show in Bremen is also worth the visit, that much is clear. Traditionally there has been a relaxed atmosphere within a perfectly organized event regardless of the hustle and bustle, so that you can undisturbed enjoy what you are traveling to Germany for: a beautiful, diverse and above all fair offer from days gone by, that has a nice mix of exclusive, normal and honest patina.

You can find more information about the upcoming Bremen Classic Motor Show here .

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