Senate parliamentary groups PvdA and VVD support the 40 year compromise

The 17 Tax Plan will be discussed in the Upper Chamber up to and including December 2014. For the time being, dark clouds are gathering above old-timer owners and the industry.
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Tonight, the plenary reflections on the 2014 Tax Plan started in the Senate. The skirmishes in the Senate are of great importance to the classic car owners and industry. But after tonight's deliberations, it appears that the future of property, employment and cultural heritage safeguarding is further at stake.

The 17 Tax Plan will be discussed in the Upper Chamber up to and including December 2014. For the time being, dark clouds are gathering above old-timer owners and the industry.
The 17 Tax Plan will be discussed in the Upper Chamber up to and including December 2014. For the time being, dark clouds are gathering above old-timer owners and the industry.

50-Plus supports the classic car owner and industry
A number of members of the Senate asked critical questions about the usefulness and necessity of the 40 annual compromise. 50-Plus expressed its express concern about the drying up of employment among specialists. Furthermore, 50-Plus paid a lot of attention to the emotional letters of old-timer owners in which the consequences for ownership - when the 40 year was introduced - were made clear. Senate MP Essers from the CDA also asked critical questions about the proposed measure. The PVV also served one motion to make the same transitional arrangement for vintage cars running on LPG and Diesel as for gasoline cars

"Exemption got out of hand"
VVD Senate member Willem Bröcker gave his own vision on the MRB exemption theme. Striking was his remark in which he stated that the old-timer demonstration held today in The Hague was "proof of the exemption that got out of hand." Nevertheless, he does support the proposed new tax measure.

Satisfactory answers from the State Secretary
PvdA Senate member Esther-Mirjam Sent was brief and to the point about the old-timer file. Tonight she thanked the State Secretary for the satisfactory answers from the State Secretary. That is striking, because last week it was the same PvdA that expressed a considerably smoother arrangement initiated by Team Exemptionoldtimer.

Towards approval
It seems that the Senate is well on its way to approving the 2014 Tax Plan in general and the old-timer section in particular. And that would mean approving a measure that the Senate would probably not have achieved if it met its quality standards.



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  1. I'm just saying one thing. As long as we do not vote en masse for a party that wants to introduce the binding referendum, we will continue to lag behind. They always go one step further each time just not far enough to unleash a popular revolution. REVOLUTION REVOLUTION

  2. marja I know very well what I am talking about. would if I said. and so say again. if you use a car or motorcycle. you just have to pay tax. the user pays. it is indeed annoying if you. only use your oldtimer twice a year. and you can then pay green. but it is terribly abused. my daughter-in-law. has an old timer and drive it daily. even here in the street there are 2. used daily. so yes just pay tax. I understand that it is not fun for people with an old timer. and understand that they are angry. but this is my opinion and it may still be given in the netherlands

  3. Will van den Broek
    Apparently you do not know what you are talking about
    Read carefully what it is about before submitting this type of comment.
    This is going to be a disaster for the classic car industry as companies go bankrupt and more unemployed.
    Not every oldtimer owner has a lot of money and many have saved up and worked for years to restore it.
    So don't immediately come up with idiot talk

  4. Well, when there was fraud of schemes by Bulgarians, the country was too small, when it later turned out that the Dutch themselves are committing fraud with these schemes, which overshadowed the amounts from the Bulgarians story, you didn't hear anyone about it.
    My hobby will also be destroyed if it continues today, but I do have the idea that there is a correct (read: equally hypocritical) delegation of the people in The Hague ...

  5. It's time for some tough action! When this monstrosity is assumed and it becomes natural, we will organize blockages at unexpected times and at different locations. With a lot of nuisance and damage, we will show that we do not accept it. Bunch of lamb sacks!

  6. They also learn nothing from the? first the classic car strike, then the whole of the Netherlands revolt. Think that we as a Dutch people should revolt because they take everything from us. Our children have no future with this shitty cabinet.

  7. I didn't get much of it. just a little stupid comment from such a man who said. soon it will be impossible to drive an old timer. if you have money to buy an old timer. and have money to fix them up. you can also pay road tax. Don't get me wrong, I also find it annoying for the people who really only take the car once or twice a year for a tour or so, but I know quite a lot of people who drive an oldtimer. who use it daily. and yes they can just pay. Personally I think that everyone who uses the car should pay road and road tax. including the new cars. because this will be canceled. and they throw up the aczijns, it's not good either. they make the fuel more expensive it is also not good. the user pays.

  8. we should certainly not give up now, more people are also going to involve the dealers and oldtimer garages, the parts sellers, ect, ect, and certainly also take actions against this so-called second room and first room, every driver start a case against the hr weekers and associates, and above all never give up !!!!!!!

  9. super idea !! After all, the Netherlands is the tax haven for the large corporates such as Unilever, Facebook, Microsoft, Beatles etc etc; all zero kommaniks tax with their letterbox shop on the canal here. If our own government abandons us on this point and only wants to benefit the business elite and the MOElanders, then we have to think about our own fallback. The white license plates are already driving around here en masse and often for more than 10 to 15 years (!!!) with the same car on the same white license plate. AM, Fehac etc etc can give us a boost by looking up some nice loopholes in the legislation together with the Tax Consultant and designing a practical escape route that can be arranged quickly and without significant costs for us simple people.

  10. mail the first room.
    If this is really true, then we have a dictatorial regime in the Netherlands, and the first chamber that has to check the legal aspects looks the other way, to give the cabinet the opportunity to screw things up and the people to lie and rob to create legislation that is not based on the facts and the truth,

    my question to you is what are you going to do about it as the first chamber to ensure that this file is also treated fairly, because you also know that weekers has distorted the case from the start, lied but also withheld many documents ... and you are deemed to be the first room to make sure that this does not happen, then I assume as a citizen that you are the first room to ensure that this type of government does not get away with it, if so then you are the first to have the room not worthy of you sitting in that place …… ..and also the first room should be relieved of their funtice, just as the second room should have been relieved at last, because all this has nothing to do with a democracy anymore.
    john munckhof

  11. yes completely right; this is oppression by the self-proclaimed elite who are now crawling before the high priests of the EU in Brussels. They want to get grace in Brussels to ever get such a godly job there too;
    what to do next seems to me:
    1. more signatures until there is enough for a so-called citizens' initiative; this can then lead to a new bill
    2.a super lawyer of the caliber Anker, Knoops, Moszkovicz who starts a case (class action) on behalf of hundreds of owners / drivers from the Tax Authorities to the European Court if necessary

  12. The only thing we can do is suspend en masse, then they will see soon enough that the measure is not correct. Then make sure that some questions are asked and then see. Also keep an eye on where the gentlemen and ladies pvda and vvd end up after the fall of the cabinet. And then don't buy anything / no longer be a customer at those companies. Well, they destroy our hobby, we demolish their thing. They don't / don't want to listen to true words; then straight to their wallet, just like with us ...

  13. After being in the Hague today, it is very clear that we live in a police state, we are treated like criminals, with crooks cars and camera bus everything is complete !!!! what do these people want to tell us that we live in a democracy ????? no, it is indeed time that we now take real action s, also today's message that we should not come to the hague was the drop in the proverbial bucket, they will at least get a lawsuit from me, can go through at once, there are already three against tax authorities because of the incredible mess at the tax authorities in recent years. You could smell the fear of the high lords in the hague because otherwise they wouldn't open 20 riot police buses !!!! what concerns us (chronically ill and disabled)) it is now time for hard action, if not longer, you do not deal with ordinary citizens who stand up for their rights !!!!!!!! we will start by asking the second room about the actions of the police (Mayor of The Hague), I think we should just continue with the petition (how many signatures are needed for a treatment ?????) so that we being able to have the whole case dealt with in the second room, and then make a number of sample cases to have it dealt with ???????? ask ?????? no questions then action !!!!!

  14. Fred Oldtimermalloot I hope the people will get up and come up with something new
    After all, this is no longer possible, .. This brings us back in time to 1930 or so .. The stretch is really gone.

  15. Next time we will bring tents (or campers) Dec-Jan-Feb are canceled in the planning so that should be possible! 🙂

  16. There is a lot - too much - talking and no thought because no effort has been made to study the facts… .. There is a lot more rottenness from those bastards towards us as taxpayers …… It makes you sick!

  17. It is a pity that politicians take good care of themselves: they are not even jointly and severally liable if they knowingly make decisions whose substantiation is completely wrong, mistakes that are also charged to them. I'm going to teach my lln now that cheating, having respect for anyone else's property is stupid except your own club of friends.

  18. we have to pay for the new electric cars that have been driving around for years and for greece and all of the eastern block a mess
    but the fucking cunt cabinet of rutte will fill his pockets before the mess falls believe me this will be WAR if they continue like this WE DON'T TAKE THIS we are followers and not fighters in the Netherlands

  19. This makes you pissed off
    PVDA "as always" turns its ass in the win, VVD trumpets around and see what the reaction is why the trumpet is adjusted slightly,
    Other parties do not have much of a chance because a coalition has been formed and things have already been thrown out through the lobby.
    My god where does this go. After all, a new cabinet is doing just as bad. because the trend of not listening and stupid bullshit / lobby is once the benchmark. Ethics that is in a booklet which the new baking minster must learn before they end up in the 1 room .. VVD that was Wiegel and colleagues, but what is it a populist party that transcends the PVV. Nice and easy if you have the PVDA in your back ..

    Well, don't give me portion to vikkie. After all, that's my nickname ..

    "Piss off"

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