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Now that even the new Morgan Plus Four is a classic from birth despite its aluminum chassis and 2.0 liter twin turbo engine, there is much more leeway for us as classic enthusiasts. And of course, most of the metal inspiration comes from the now not so bad United Kingdom. So open canvas for the Pembleton.

What is a Pembleton?

The Pembleton is usually a ready-made kitcar with one donor (Citroën 2CV) as a base and was designed and marketed by Phil Gregory. Such a Pembleton can have three or four wheels and in the beginning looked a lot like a Lomax. The very first example was designed, built and running in three weeks. The Pembleton most closely resembles a Morgan three-wheeler from the 20s and 30s, but doesn't try to pretend he is. But how the story began?

In the beginning

The stylish tricycle with steel frame and aluminum body first saw the light of day 20 years ago. And its birth was inspired by a weird hiccup in the pricing structure of the ferry that travels from Holyhead in Wales to Dún Laoghaire in Ireland.

“We were planning a cycling holiday,” says Pembleton designer Phil Gregory, “Then my wife noticed that motorcycles and tricycles were transferred for free. So she told me to build a tricycle. Well, of course we had tilted back a few glasses of cider. I scored a Duck, bought some steel and got to work. We named our three-wheeler Pembleton after the name of the caravan that we stripped for the aluminum. ”

The second generation

In the meantime, the business has been taken over by his son, who gave the Pembleton a sharp production and quality boost, so that the panels and seams are now completely sharp.

Not on a 2CV platform

A Pembleton is built on a spaceframe chassis, unlike a Lomax or Burton, which is the original Citroën Use 2CV chassis. The gearbox, steering, brakes, front suspension, half or all of the rear suspension, wiring harness, electrical parts and many other parts come from a Citroën 2 CV donor. Front suspension geometry has been modified to improve vehicle handling. But a tricycle will of course always provide a somewhat adventurous handling, no matter how it brings the power to the road.

Engine block

The Pembleton is a front wheel drive with two wheels at the front. That is the best option. The engine could be from a 2CV, but people have also installed BMW, Honda and small (up to 750 cc) Moto Guzzi engines for more 'Go! & Show'. A Pembleton has independent suspension and disc brakes. People who buy a very complete Pembleton can get a new Guzzi V7 III block from the factory. Pembleton buys it directly from Guzzi, but is not allowed to use the name Moto Guzzi in its 'sales & marketing'. For do-it-yourselfers there are drawings with which the different power sources can be linked to the 2CV gearbox.

The whole body is hand made from aluminum. The kit includes floors, bulkheads and front fenders. There are no composite curves other than the copper nose cap made from the top of a domestic boiler. The seats are made to fold forward to give access to the trunk.

More is better

As with Lomax (and Burton), four wheels turn out to be a nice option.

The Pembleton T24 is a brand new, carefully hand-crafted lightweight (in the UK a 'bicycle car), designed to ride with laughter on the best roads. The T24 seriously complies with strict modern safety requirements. It is a neo oldtimer that combines the charm of the past with the performance of the present. And the crumple zone is about three meters long.

The plating is formed by hand, drilled and riveted to the chassis, which is also manufactured in-house using a precise mold. The result is a stunning exterior that captures the spirit of a vintage car without the 'hassle' that comes with it. Traditional craftsmanship is central to Pembleton, but not at the expense of modern technology.

With the Moto Guzzi engine with petrol injection and electronic ignition, the chassis with fully independent suspension, powerful disc brakes and a dry weight of just over 360 kg, the T24 is not only one of the lightest production cars ever built, it is also a sports car that offers the driver a uniquely intuitive and engaging experience.

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photos: Pembleton


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  1. I've always had a soft spot for Kitcars, which were derived from the Morgan 3 wheelers, had a Lomax 223 myself for a long time, until my emigration (Leo, I really did fit in with my 1.93, admittedly without an exaggerated surplus of legroom at the pedals) But 29.000 pounds I think for a kitcar like the Pembleton on the spicy high side. For around the same price you have a Guzzi powered Triking, and a new Morgan aero, so no kitcar!) Will go away for a little more (around £ 34000)

    • For about three years, The Pembleton Motor company no longer sells kitcar construction kits, but it does have completely built tricycles {Vsport} and quadricycles {T24}. The example shown here is therefore not a kit.
      Guy Gregory built a Vsport for me, a tricycle with a Guzzi 750 engine and technology from the 2cv and that is noticeable, the Vsport is very fast and economical due to the low weight and lies well on the road, from leaning over in a bend. no way.
      The whole is handmade and is very neatly put together, all finishing is on a high level, a wooden sports steering wheel and leather upholstery.
      Take a look at the Pembleton website and admire these genius creations.

  2. Indeed a very nice car that T24.
    But if it costs from £ 28.995,00 ex VAT in the UK, I wonder what it should cost here in the Low Countries, including all government surcharges? If you already get it on license plate, because that unfortunately does not mention the story.

    • If this car has received a type approval in the UK, a registration number in the Netherlands should not be a problem. Everything approved in the EU is allowed to drive here.

  3. Nice car, perfect in terms of proportions and position / size of wheels.
    Many large companies can still learn from that.
    Looks more serious in the photos as the Lomax and Burtons and you also have a more serious sound than these competitors. You don't sound like a lazy 2CV anyway.

    She was going to hope for a dense variety, just as a daily driver… that would be great.

  4. Nice car with possibilities to build in various engines, therefore fast
    because of the weight which is very low, I cut it myself but with my Alvis there are still some
    5 very rare model in the Netherlands, fairly fast for this model and reliable
    and is dry and comfortable

  5. The nicely fun car with options for various engine blocks and light weight
    therefore very fast, but I stick to my Alvis, which is comfortable and reasonable
    fast and reliable and you are always dry very rare model there are still 5 in the Netherlands

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