Peugeot Club Netherlands celebrates a double anniversary twice

Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
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Peugeot has a lot to celebrate in 2022. The Peugeot 305 turns 45, the 405 celebrates its 35e birthday. The ever shortest four-door car in Europe - the 104- sees Abraham. And let's not forget the Talbot Samba. Because the Samba, based on the 104 and yet designed in its own way, turned forty in December 2021. Peugeot Club Nederland is commemorating the four-year-old models with the organization of two anniversaries.

To start with the 104: the cub came on the market in 1972 and that was a clever design example. It debuted as a four-door, later the short three-door was added. In 1976 the Berlines got a fifth door and an extended engine range. Peugeot steadily developed the 104, and kept the car fresh and fruity until 1988. At that time, the 205 had already been on a triumphal march for five years, but fortunately a place within the Peugeot program was preserved for the striking 104.

50 years Peugeot 104

In the meantime, we have already paid attention to the anniversary of the 104 a few times. You recently read the driving impression of the 104. And that is not the last thing you can take in through these columns and the magazine about the car, which was once the shortest European four-door sedan was presented. Because once, that was fifty years ago. And so we are taking a closer look at this milestone. Because you only become fifty once.

40 years of Talbot Samba

The 104 also had the necessary derivatives, it formed an excellent basis for the subsidiary brands Citroën and Talbot to give their own interpretation to the model. Citroën released the LN and the later LNA based on the 104 Coupé. The Visa also shared a lot with the Peugeot 104. But also from daughter brand Talbot, a car based on the 104 was released: the Samba. The 104 family traits were visible on the Talbot launched at the end of 1981. Nevertheless, the Samba sang its own song technically and in terms of wheelbase. He shared the technology with his group brothers. The Samba, which was available from February 1982, was available as a three-door version and later also as a Cabriolet and lasted until 1986. The Cabriolet and the Rallye were the most illustrious versions of the sympathetic Samba, which was launched by Peugeot Club Nederland on 23 April, together with the Peugeot 104 is put in the spotlight with an event in Kockengen. You can read more about that further on.

Peugeot 305, age 45

The Peugeot 305 came on the market in the autumn of 1977. It is often regarded as a direct 304 successor, but in fact the 305 fell between the 304 and the 504. In doing so, it filled part of the gap that had arisen after Peugeot took the 404 Saloon out of production, which had happened several years earlier. . The 305 was well received, the Pininfarina company, together with Peugeot, had again succeeded excellently in turning the 305 into a modern-lined sedan, while retaining that typical Peugeot individuality. The 305 became quite successful, it survived in various versions, two model generations, with diesel and petrol engines and in the body styles Berline, Break (from 1980) and Service until 1989. You will soon read an extensive report about the Peugeot 305, which was made by Aart van der Haagen.

Peugeot 405. 35 years

The Peugeot 405 was already standing on its own feet at the end of production of the 305. Peugeot launched the still representative mid-sized car, which was designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, in 1987 as a sedan, and not much later the beautiful Estate of the model was released. The 405 went straight to Car of the Year (1988). That was not the only award, because in the Netherlands the 405 also became business car of the year. Entirely in tradition, the 405 was again available with diesel and petrol engines and in various versions. For model year 1993 Peugeot carried out another facelift, and so the 405 was preparing for the autumn of its career. This ended in the run-up to the 1996 calendar year. The 406 took its place. The 405 Mi16 and the 405 T16 gave extra substance to the beautiful heritage of one of the finest middle-class cars of its time. Moreover, the French were also successful in Paris-Dakar with the 405 T16 'Dakar', with Ari Vatanen at the wheel.

April 23, 2022: 50 years Peugeot 104 and 40 years Talbot Samba

Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates the birthdays in their own, pleasant and modest way. On April 23, PCN will celebrate the 104th anniversary of the 50 and the 104th anniversary of the Samba in Kockengen in collaboration with the Peugeot 104 registry. Owners and fans can be there, with or without their classic Samba and/or XNUMX. More information about the two-time anniversary celebration can be found on the Peugeot Club Netherlands website† Registration is possible until April 15.

May 22, 2022: 45 years Peugeot 305 and 35 years Peugeot 405

A month later, on May 22, PCN will again celebrate a two-fold anniversary, because then the Peugeot 305 and the Peugeot 405 are central. Owners and enthusiasts who would like to be there of course pay a visit to the website of Peugeot Club Netherlands† Please note: registration for participation starts on April 18.

Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.
Peugeot Club Nederland celebrates two double anniversaries.


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  1. Nice article. I found Peugeot rather boring in the 70s. The 104, great little car, but not much to it (I've had one myself) ditto for the 305, 505 and 605. The 504 series was much more expressive then. And that Talbot Samba also manages to hit the 'hip-hi chord'. The 405 was a really nice car back then.

  2. It's amazing what the French have accomplished. Unfortunately I read very little about the Renault Daufine. My question: is it because there isn't one anymore because of the rust that already started in the showroom?? I myself have a 1.3 Toyota starlet 1990 XLi and still can't find any rust. Of course, the rust sensitivity of today is thick for each other. But it remains a question mark why you hear little back from the Renault Daufine. Or Renault never wants to be reminded of it again???

    • There are still quite a lot of Dauphines in the Netherlands, but you don't see them that often in the wild. However, at club events (see More than two million were built and the Dauphine was also popular in the US. As for rust, it's not that bad, no more than with other cars from that era and even less than with cars from the 70s.
      Fun fact: Alfa Romeo has built the Dauphine under license for a while, because they wanted / had to have a compact model in their range.

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