The Piaggio Ape. Almost seventy years a household word. And renewed again.

Piaggio Ape
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The Piaggio Ape has been a household name for almost seventy years, inside and outside of Italy. The compact, handy Piaggio commercial vehicle is world famous as a SiSi Rider, and the Ape Calessino has also conquered the heart of many as a charming boulevard cruiser. Piaggio now introduces the new Classic Pick-Up and Calessino 200 based on the well-known, strong features of the Ape Series. Recognizable as ever, with today's technology.

The original Ape dates from 1948 and since then the small, compact company car has emerged as a sympathetic and versatile vehicle. Because of its dimensions and maneuverability, it offers a solution especially in the city. The three-wheeled commercial vehicle has been further refined and modernized in recent decades - in 1982, 2008 and 2014. Of course while retaining its distinctive looks and character, and the versatility of applications, including a pick-up, closed and Cross Country variant. The new Ape Classic 400 that Piaggio is now introducing will be a new chapter in that seven decades long success story.

Redesigned front with retro features

The new Ape Classic gets a restyled front with retro looks. The interior also differs from that of the other Ape versions and is equipped with a completely new dashboard. The propulsion is provided by a modern Euro 4 single-cylinder power unit with electronic fuel injection.

Lifestyle Ape: Calessino 200

Along with the Classic Pick-Up, Piaggio also introduces the Ape Calessino 200, equipped with the same new Euro 4 technology. This lifestyle version of the Ape, which can accommodate four people, hardly needs an introduction and is a welcome guest especially in seaside resorts. Both models are only available via Piaggio Commercial Vehicles.

Important for almost seventy years

The Ape van Piaggio has been a welcome guest in the small transport sector for many years. Those who regularly visit Italy will mainly see the Ape in small markets. De Ape is also widely used as a means of transport for public garden maintenance and waste processing. He is great in his own modest way, and he has proved his worth for 70 for years. We therefore welcome that Piaggio adds a new episode to the Ape myth. And that without making too many concessions to the concept.




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