Plymouth GTX Coupe 500 (1970). 'Gentlemen's muscle car' by Pieter Henk. 

Plymouth GTX Coupe 500 (1970)

An American muscle car is focused on performance. That means for this Plymouth GTX Coupe 500 a very solid engine with a lot of power. “What are the most beautiful classics?” That is not a difficult question for Pieter Henk, because he falls for the American cars with 'muscle power'.

By: Dirk de Jong

Pieter Henk: “I worked and lived in America for a few months. The Plymouth GTX Coupe 500 was formerly referred to as a 'Gentlemens muscle car'. These were in fact more richly equipped than the Plymouth Roadrunners. After purchasing a Plymouth Fury and flirting with a Plymouth Barracuda, this car came into view through Hemy Classic Cars. For example, the Fury was exchanged and this GTX was purchased. Waking up mainly consisted of a lot of cleaning and partial painting. In addition, the front suspension has been modernized with, among other things, disc brakes. Originally the car was finished in the yellow lemon twist color with a 440 high performance engine.”

Follow the heart

For Pieter Henk, the coupé has a perfect design. The infatuation since his stay in America has never passed. When the weather gods are in their favour, he comes for fun rides on the asphalt. And of course at events where he feels completely at home among his peers from the United States.

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  1. beautiful, beautiful car that is also not decorated with spoilers stickers and the whole santemekraam.
    I was once working as a salesman at a ford dealer in canada selling a 1968 Mustang GT
    with a 428 had to take a hurst 4 spd in trade. Just around the block. I have never been so shocked and parked the car immediately. What a gay not?

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