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Production Volkswagen T2 may be resumed

The VW T2 may be built after all. It depends on the possibilities of making an exception to the Brazilian security law.

Production of the Volkswagen T2 may be resumed. Autovisie reports today on its website that in Brazil with regard to the “Bulli” options are being considered in order to circumvent the safety requirements applicable from 2014. They prescribe that every new car must be equipped with ABS and airbags. The construction of the T2 does not allow this. However, the VW Bus is so popular that Brazilian Minister Guido Mantega of Finance is investigating possibilities for exceptions to the safety law.

The VW T2 may still be built on. It depends on the possibilities to make an exception to the Brazilian safety law.
The VW may become T2
built on anyway. It depends on the possibilities to make an exception to the Brazilian safety law.

Still popular
On December 20 the last T2 was produced in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil. With the exception of safety requirements, there was no reason for Volkswagen to take the bus out of production. The Kombi, as he is called in Brazil, was in sixth place in the Brazilian sales statistics last year.

The multi-deployability, reliability and popularity of the Kombi are a reason for Brazilian minister Guido Mantega to investigate whether production can be resumed. It will soon become clear whether an exception to the law is possible. If this can be achieved, then the curtain will not fall for the Volkswagen T2 that has been produced for decades, of which the original 46 version was launched in Germany years ago. The prospective buyers, owners and fans welcome the possible extension of production in any case.


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  1. That would be something to keep producing an almost 50 year old design that still sells well. In GB Danbury converts it into a nice Camper and it is also sold well there, if desired with power steering. ABS and something like knee Airbags that should be possible, crumple zones that is simply not possible.

  2. an airbag is a choice, right… it seems to me ?! I don't have one and I don't feel any less safe ... if someone really wants an airbag ... then they have to buy something else 😉

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