Ravensburger launches 3D puzzle of the Volkswagen Bulli T1

At Ravensburger you can already get 3D puzzles from well-known buildings, but from now on enthusiasts can also start building a VW bus T1. The 3D puzzle consists of 162 partly flexible puzzle pieces. Together with the additional accessories, they form a stable three-dimensional vehicle. Glue is not required for this.

3D puzzle For the real fans

The T1 Bulli is loved and synonymous with nostalgia. In the Netherlands, the T1 quickly becomes the PTT's permanent means of transport and also makes its appearance as an ambulance and police van. But the van is primarily a symbol of freedom and adventure! Needless to say, the Volkswagen T1 is nowadays an extremely popular classic, which for that reason is often offered in various miniature shapes and construction sets. The 3D puzzle from Ravensburger also impresses. With classic colors, moving wheels, shiny bumpers and the included surfboard, this one is puzzle classic an asset to the fan.

To work

The 3D puzzle VW bus contains a base plate on which the puzzle pieces can be built step by step. The roof can be attached to the top of the almost completed puzzle. Various accessories are supplied for the finishing touch. Think of the bumpers, the surfboard and the rotating wheels. Even the side mirrors have been considered. And ... thanks to the numbered pieces and illustrated instructions, Ravensburger guarantees success. In total the product of the toy manufacturer consists of 162 pieces.

Price and availability

The Ravensburger VW Bulli T1 3D puzzle, for young & old from 10 years, has a retail price of € 29,99 and is available both online and at toy stores. The dimensions of the van are approximately 30 x 14 x 15 centimeters.

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