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Renault 6
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In 1968 the public learns a new interpretation of the increasingly modern Renault range. The Renault 6 builds on the concept that the Régie has already started with the R4 and the R16. That means front-wheel drive and five doors. The newcomer to 1968 shares the technology with the R4 and can be compared one profile with the R16. In addition, he replaces an old and faithful Renault model.

With the Paris introduction of the Renault 6, the French car manufacturer indicates almost fifty years ago that Dauphine has been produced since 1956. The charming, and now very outdated, model is only available as Gordini. It clears the field for the Renault 6, which fills the gap between the 4 and the 16 within the modern Renault branch.

R4 platform and chassis, Dauphine Gordini engine

The Renault 6 gets the platform and chassis from the Renault 4, and, as said, gets a line reminiscent of the Renault 16. In addition, the newcomer takes over the 845 cc engine from the Dauphine Gordini, whereby the sprocket drive of the distribution for the R6 has been replaced by a chain. The newcomer also gets a fully synchronized gearbox, which can be operated with the gear lever (and from the R4 known) gear lever. The Renault 6 is positioned considerably higher in the market than the R4, and more luxuriously equipped. That is visible, among other things, by the use of chrome and a fairly chic dashboard with wood and a steering wheel with two spokes.

Difficult start for Renault 6

The sales are hesitantly started. The high price and the hardly any spatial added value compared to the immensely popular R4 make it difficult for the Renault 6. Yet from September 1970 there will be an improved demand for the 6. This is largely due to the new and more luxurious TL. This version gets the 1.108 cc engine from the still available Renault 8 and disc brakes at the front. The TL also has useful extras and aluminum accents on the dashboard. In 1973, the Renault 6 versions are stripped of various chrome accents to lower the selling price.

Facelift for 1974

For the 1974 model year, a more radically modified Renault 6 is given the opportunity to strengthen the position of the model. With the 845 cc and the 1108 cc engine there is nothing new under the sun. The face will be different. A plastic grille and square headlights form the new signature on the front of the car, which also receives the other bumpers and other rear lights as the most important modifications. Renault France then slightly adjusts the model. However, the end of French production comes insight. First the 6L with 845 cc engine clears the field. In May 1980, the production of the only remaining model of French-made TL with 1.108 cc engine is stopped in France. For the Netherlands and Belgium, among others, buyers are mainly given an alternative in the form of the five-door Renault 1979 that can be supplied from 5.

Production continuation outside of France

Outside of France, the car still remains in production. In Argentina it is still being built as far as 1984, and was considered very popular there. Argentina has a special Renault 6 GTL with 1,4 engine on the program (never delivered in Europe). The Six is ​​also being built on in Colombia and Yugoslavia. In Spain, the Renault 6 runs the longest of the factory tire. Only in 1986 does production stop in Valladolid, and with that the proof is provided that this Renault was a more than usable and long-term concept.

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