Roaming around and privacy: The Alvis revisited

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“Dear editors, Very nice: Op de Auto Motor Klassiek site recently featured my ex Alvis TA 14. That was one of the two Alvises that I restored. And one of them I sold to Jan Tinga at the time And through Jan Tinga that Car was in the magazine Auto Motor Klassiek published. Jan hadn't done much to replace the gaskets, the ignition changed that was it. A man from Roden was the next owner, but he had to get rid of it for health reasons. At that time I had a Jaguar, but it was allowed to get another owner so that I could buy the Alvis back. The car is now here again, and more beautiful and better than ever. Kind regards, Ton ”


Names are just mentioned there. Whether that is allowed under the new privacy legislation? But it was a nice message. And funnily enough, it stands for the pleasant fact that some classics come back into the picture after some wanderings. AMK reader Geert Was visited this northern French campsite with his grandchildren where he had once been with his children. “There was an old Ugly Duck. And your father was still there when he was little. " The grandchildren's questions were: "What is an Ugly Duck?" And "Is that car still there?"

The camping

It turned out that the campground was still there - roughly - but the sober design had been shattered by the progress. The site was partly taken into use as pasture for some small cattle and the whole thing was nostalgically neglected. There were two more tents. And the 2CV was also there. But the chance that the Geerts grandchildren could be photographed behind the wheel was lost. And besides: the privacy bar of children is very high.

License plates and characters on hits

That is also a thing from now on. Neutral 'overview photos' should not be a problem. But clearly highlighted license plates or persons? That will be tricky. Because privacy is a high thing from now on. Of course, that does not apply behind the scenes for Google, Facebook and the government. But that makes sense. These are agencies that only want the good for us. We only have to think about the load check that a wheel maker ever got. His accounting was found to be reasonably in order. Including the order form for the spokes of the four wheels for a Jaguar E type. And the owner of those wheels received a visit from the same tax authorities to explain how his bankruptcy situation was compatible with letting a set of Jaguar rims go. Isn't that nice?

Privacy in practice

A piece of self-protection that is practical and effective, we can do that ourselves. If as a classic enthusiast you have a classic or part to sell, do so with some policy. Marktplaats and Speurders are also read by people who are really looking for the profit on the purchasing side. So, if an interested party comes, prefer to go to a neutral place, a roadside restaurant or something. Or just in the parking space in front of your house. Because it has happened many times that the merchandise was picked up at night after a viewing during the day because the location could be found even in the dark.



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