Ruska VW 'Bugatti' Replica (1969). High attention value for garage Cats.

VW Ruska Bugattic
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Over the years, the Cats family – known in the region as garage Cats – has devoted a lot of time and energy to the restoration of old-timers and classics. It was a somewhat out of hand hobby, because of course they also had our business worries in their contemporary and modern garage.

By: Dirk de Jong

The vintage cars are in a nostalgic building in Pingjum with a collection of American cars (Cadillac, Buick) and even tractors and agricultural vehicles. It is a wave of nostalgia in the old-timer shed. For the elderly it is recognition and for the young it is astonishment. It is actually a very special way to paint a picture of the old days. 


On our quests for special classics and old-timers, our attention was drawn to this special appearance. A fiery red unique convertible. Because the well-known car manufacturer Ruska had a very clear eye for detail, you can also see it as a tribute to the iconic Bugatti model. 

freebooter's heart

The chassis is from the VW Beetle in combination with the reliable air-cooled engine, with a lightweight polyester body, so a spicy asphalt knight. Attractive for men with a free spirit who love exclusive transport. The experience of freedom, adventure, open driving, and thus direct contact with nature. It's not just any car it's a Ruska Bugatti! 

Short history

Four years ago, the family visited Cats in Leeuwarden, where Catawiki held an auction of exclusive cars. They were immediately impressed by this special replica, but their bid turned out to be just a little too low to become the new owner. They congratulated the new owner who paid a visit years later. Due to the joint interest and the pleasant conversations, the car was again offered to garage Cats, where the Bugatti got its new address in Witmarsum. 

nice chat

The Cats family can talk entertainingly about all those heirlooms in the past. And we love the silent witnesses from those days. The Ruska VW 'Bugatti' replica is one of them. 


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  1. All the weight in the back, including the riders.
    AND a huge empty nose annex luggage compartment annex bag-sand-storage place?

    Other than that, just a nice car.
    And no, of course it's not a Bugatti, but it's just a nice thing.
    Same as a Fierro is not a Ferrari, but affordable, fun and different.

  2. in the 70s and 80s, another company in the Netherlands also made use of this model, albeit in a 1 to 8 scale. Veroma released building sets for stock cars under the name Yu'can, which were powered by a 1 cylinder engine of about 3,5 cc. A spin-off, which used many parts from the stock car, was the Bugatti. Because of the weight, the frame was no longer made of steel but plastic and the drive was a Mabuchi 540 electric motor with mechanical speed controller. The cart did not know the suspension and differential…

  3. Personally, I found the Ruska Sagitta much more successful. This was a replica with a nod to the Duesemburg. Unfortunately it has remained with 1 copy.

  4. I once saw one driving in the seventies, but producing the well-known vw beetle sound was the total turn-off for me, partly because so much attention was paid to the appearance.

  5. I would certainly not mention in the advertisement: Bugatti brand, but just as this buggy is registered at the RDW: VOLKSWAGEN…..
    And certainly not the Bugatti type…..
    Sorry but as a Bugattist I had to get this out…..

  6. To each his own…..with respect and acceptance…..just a nice Buggy….but to mention the Bugatti brand here in this context……sorry, but this really has nothing to do with a Bugatti

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