Small scale is an asset

Small scale
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Small-scale often seems like a thing of the past. But often smaller is more fun. The week before the Whitsun weekend, a neighbor of a few houses further asked if he could borrow a motorbike to go to an Oldtimer day in Babberich.

As 80 +, he had put his own motorcycles away

But that was for rational reasons. He was invited for the tour. And he thought it would be best to drive it himself. To see his old friends again. I had promised him before that he could always borrow something from me if necessary. And I still rated him as fit and awake enough to keep that promise. Damn it, Gert is sharper at 82's than many forty people I know. He asked me if I wanted to ride.

First a round around the church

On the first day of Pentecost, he rode an introductory round on Moto Guzzi California. That went well. On Whit Monday we went to Babberich early. There the Schutterij St. Anna organized an old-timer meeting, including and serious, but very calm, tour with foothills across the border. The participants almost all came from the region. Many of them knew each other. For years. Very nice was that the lion's share of motorcycles that they had (very much) had. The field of participants varied between a Zündapp KS100 and one Triumph Daytona sidecar combination.

Those bikes were in a neat, but often clearly used condition. Of course there were also some top restored copies. But those machines were also made so beautifully to actually drive them. With some hits and things like that, there is sometimes a 'boast & show' factor. At the point of departure in Babberich, there was only fraternal cosiness of men who had all eaten many miles. Small scale was an asset. Just not in terms of the number of motorcycle adventures.

End of story

A kilometer before the end of the ride, the fire went out under the fries of Gerts borrowed motor. No more sparks. Someone who I thought was a sweeping crew stopped. But it was just someone with a motorcycle trailer. He thought it was no problem to drive anything. The Guzzi was charged and taken to the home of an acquaintance of Gert. The well-known was also a motorcyclist and collector. But because he also participated in the ride, he was not at home.

The bike I rode on is definitely a solo bike. But if the driver of such a single-seater simply sits down on the tank and the passenger sits down on the seat and embraces the driver firmly, then you will go a long way. Even if each of the passengers measures well above the 1m80. The proposal to solve the transport in this way came from the 82 year-old himself.

And so we arrived at the shooter building where all engines, classic cars and tractors were collected. The owner of the house where the dead Guzzi was parked said he would take a look at the twin (he turned out to have a complete workshop) and at least put him on the charger.

We still fiddled around satisfied and looked at what had been arranged inside and outside. Gert started talking to someone who offered him a ride home. I stepped on my own classic for all days that now has almost three tons on the clock.

Big and biggest events are very impressive. But I can only conclude that the kind of small-scale and local or regional events are heart-conquering.

Small scale

Small scale

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