Spectacle on Ascension Day. Oldtimer Festival Hoornsterzwaag

Oldtimer Festival Hoornsterzwaag
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For years it has been a fixed value for the owners and admirers of classics. And again this year the Friese Hoornsterzwaag during Ascension Day will again be dominated by the Oldtimer Festival Hoornsterzwaag. The open air event has a large number of activities and has been growing for years. Those who want to enjoy old-timers and many other activities must come and take a look this Thursday on the expanded site in the Frisian town.

There is also this year no no for sale in Hoornsterzwaag. Of course, hundreds of vintage cars can be admired again this year, all of whom will be assigned their seats by the organization before 10.00 hours. And the term "old-timers" is very broad in Hoornsterzwaag. Not only the fans of classic cars will find what they are looking for. Hoornsterzwaag has been offering room for a much larger heritage spectrum for years. Classic agricultural vehicles, steam engines, pioneers, classic motorcycles, sports cars, racing engines, stationary engines and tight mopeds can also be admired to a large extent.

More than just vintage cars

Hoornsterzwaag offers much more. The Oldtimer Festival has been known for years for its parts market. and the annual fair. It is a fixed value in Friesland, and this is characterized by the size and variety of offerings. And by the fact that people come from far and wide to just find that one part. In addition, the Oldtimer Festival is also colored by the presence of the annual fair. Speaking of bargains: those in the market for a vintage car or specific parts would do well to follow the auction. This is organized in collaboration with Autotaxaties.

Air shows, funfairs and stunts

The organization has also made room again this year for the almost traditional air show. Small planes, paramoteurs and parachutists will color the open air with their presence. It is also a good place for lovers of model aircraft. Demonstrations are held with thumbnails. And so there is much more activity, such as the classic motorcycle and moped race and the tractor pull. In addition, this year the festival site again offers space for the fair and a real circus, and numerous stunts will be revealed to the public. Not unimportant: the inner person. Traditionally, the hospitality industry will again be well taken care of.

Organization grows with it

The Oldtimer Festival has grown into a big spectacle in 23 year, attracting more visitors to Hoornsterzwaag every year. This year, the organization provides extra parking areas, more entry points and better access coordination. This keeps waiting times to a minimum, which is good news since more than 10.000 visitors are expected in Hoornsterzwaag.

Fair entrance fee, more info

A good habit in Frisian is that the organization keeps the entrance fee reasonable. This year visitors can enter for ten. Children up to one meter walk for free. The festival site is located at the Bij de Leywei 85 in Hoornsterzwaag. You can find more information about this unmissable spectacle at the website of the Oldtimer Festival.

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