Rustyco, subtle rust removal

Rustyco rusted
Rustyco rusted
Rustyco rusted
Rustyco rusted

It works and is harmless. From an environmental point of view, it all seems to be all right. Pay attention anyway, because the stuff causes burns undiluted.

And in the French part of the warning text on the side it says that the product contains 'acide phosphorique'. And that is undoubtedly phosphoric acid ...

But Rustyco works great, that must be said. Not only on an antique sharpening stone, but also on the special bolts of a current restoration by friend Peter.

He absolutely wanted to reuse his original bolts. And by leaving the Rustico for XNUMX hours ...

Handy stuff so. Good stuff too. But you have to be careful and read the text on the bottle carefully

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