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  • Barn finds

    Barn finds, dance jus, barnfinds and patina

    Barn finds/dans son jus/barn finds and patina. Nights have been dreamed about that and where twenty years ago we made everything bare and tight, and sprayed, there we now find 'unrestored' classics the pinnacle of beauty. Patina or instant durability The market has even jumped on it through classics an instant rest look More

  • unrestored, dans son jus, as found

    Unrestored, 'dans son jus' or 'as found'

    Unrestored is great these days. Cars and motorcycles that at the latest bear the burden of the years – RESTORE: have patina – are often worth more than restored ones. At least: They pay more. A car or motorcycle that has been used for more than half a century bears the traces of that. And then we talk More