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  • Clean the shed
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    Winter storage – Clean the shed

    The season is now seriously over. So we give our classics their winter hibernation in a nice winter storage. They appreciate that because in their youth they often had to hit the road around the seasons. Cleaning was done with the garden hose or bucket and sponge. Because brushing from October? There was nothing wrong with that More

  • Spring cleaning

    Spring cleaning

    Why should people have to retire later and later and motorbikes not? Of course, driving through four seasons with the current winters and motorcycle clothing has become very easy. That also applies to the kind of classics that have learned to drive at home and not to worry about a rain shower. Funny More

  • Paint damage to the car

    Paint damage to the car 

    Do you have paint damage to your car, but you don't have a budget or have it repaired by a paint shop? Then in this blog we show a few options for repairing the paint damage yourself. There are more ways in which you can easily restore your paintwork yourself, which is a lot cheaper than having a bodyshop do it.  More

  • kawa leak test

    Compression and Leakage

    With age come the flaws. And 'maintenance is preservation'. Those kinds of things come together at the small, non-brand or importer-related motorcycle shops. This concerns, for example, RG Tuning from Apeldoorn, a company that maintains its position in the budget segment of motorcycling with sales. But father and son are mainly good technicians. The owner of a 1000 Kawasaki Z1A1977 knew this too. The engine didn't start properly and when it ran it was sneezing and protesting, but little of the festiveness for which these blocks are famous. More

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    A battery of 50.000 euros

    It is legislation and European. So usually meaningless. Or not? Battery acid, like fertilizer, can be used to make bombs. And don't we all want that? Well, that's not possible anymore. Because from January 1, 2021 it is illegal to buy the separate acid packages that come with 'dry' More

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    If your classic turns out to be stolen

    While he is not gone… Too bad, but unfortunately You naturally think: “bought is bought, so from me”. Usually that works. But in our playing field there can be a big adder in the grass. It's like this: A vague acquaintance saw a nice motorcycle on the internet. A classic project. He went to visit More

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    The market forces and the enthusiasts

    Here on this side of the screen, we like almost everything, but we have our stable preferences in terms of brands and types. We see it just like with relationships: You can float from one to the other, but if you stay with someone you get to know that person and if it goes well, you will appreciate it more and more. More

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    Fuel lines

    It was a Jaguar XJ V12 with Lucas injection. In front of a traffic light the driver smelled gasoline-like… We're not gonna be kidding about Lucas. The brand was so neo liberally wrung by its clients that they could guarantee delivery, but not quality. And even that in moderation. We are simply talking about a classic with everything that surrounds it. Likewise problems with the fuel system. More

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    Car detailing. A kind of brushing ++

    Car detailing. That used to be called 'cleaning'. And neighbor Peter - who is a perfectionist as a handyman - had damage to his bus. He treated that red thing quite unlovingly. The Fiat was kind of a pale blush with spots in the paint that a dermatologist would be concerned about. More

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    Exhaust systems. Quality comes at a price

    Exhaust gases leave the engine under high pressure and expand enormously immediately after leaving the combustion chambers. The explosion of the gas mixture and the expansion of the exhaust gases leaving the block create the noise, the sound or the 'sound'. The most common intention is to reduce this noise to something that children and dogs do not flee from. More

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