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  • Also the best Japanese four-cylinder: The Suzuki GS1000

    Suzuki GS 1000. Also the best Japanese four-cylinder.

    According to good sources, that is the best Japanese air-cooled four-cylinder. Just like the CB750, the FJ 1200 and some other Tigers of the Year. Does not matter. A beautiful Suzuki GS 1000 is a classic topper from the time when technology was not yet about software. The fact that Suzuki only later in More

  • The BMW R50/5. A service bicycle

    BMW R50/5. A service bicycle

    There has been a clear line for a long time: The BMW boxers (the two-valves) came in three flavors: A top model, a sidecar machine and a service bicycle. When BMW experienced its miraculous resurrection, there was a sting in the story: BMW declared that no sidecars could be attached to it. that that (later) More

  • Clean the shed
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    Winter storage – Clean the shed

    The season is now seriously over. So we give our classics their winter hibernation in a nice winter storage. They appreciate that because in their youth they often had to hit the road around the seasons. Cleaning was done with the garden hose or bucket and sponge. Because brushing from October? There was nothing wrong with that More

  • It's always something…

    It's always something…

    Going back in time is not easy. But it can. In any case, a lot of work is being done in the retro corner. In the automotive world, fuel injection has been the norm for decades. And in our classic world there are already quite a few 25+'ers with petrol injection. But 'new' motorcycles are no longer possible More

  • Fall time: tricycle time

    Fall time: tricycle time

    Now the weather is still fair to fine. But the leaves are already beginning to fall. For the classic enthusiasts who think that the season does not necessarily end at the end of September, there are still a few very nice rides ahead until the first brine is poured. But already before the brine time More

  • Buy a BMW?

    Buy a BMW?

    Theo Terwel is a 'friend of the house'. From Vorden, he beautifies the world with perfectly restored BMW two-valves. We mainly say 'abroad', because we Dutch have the idea that perfection should also be pleasantly affordable. Once, just in the Netherlands, he put a motor on MP. One of the responses was: More

  • BMW R65LS

    BMW R65LS

    Over the years, BMW has been very wrong a few times when it comes to the market opportunities of a type. The futuristic K1 was a bridge too far, the slender R80 ST was not. Just like the beautifully sporty R65 LS. The BMW R65 LS More

  • A thick Boat Tail

    A thick Boat Tail

    We are fortunate to know Ben van Helden. Ben trains goldsmiths and is a motorcycle enthusiast. His approach is to buy a pathetic, somewhat more unusual engine and to fix it with all the love and craftsmanship of a master goldsmith. When that's done, he drives around a bit, goes More

  • When the tide goes out…

    When the tide goes out…

    … they set the benchmark. That is why the most modern factory of classic motorcycles, IMZ (Irbitskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod) or Ural, has moved from Russia to Kazakhstan. There is a new factory hall in Petropavlovsk. The people who move with us speak Russian. Most people in the new location do the same. And to trained personnel More

  • Intruders. That's good stuff!

    Suzuki Intruder. That's good stuff!

    Blowing over the Afsluitdijk behind a sleek cockpit in your classically cut leather outfit? Do not do it. With the current heat and max speed thing, cruising is cool. And you apparently do optimal cruising on a motorcycle with a V2 block. They also came up with that in 1985 at Suzuki. But where then More

  • Benelli Tornado

    Benelli Tornado

    The Benelli Tornado was beautiful, very thoughtfully designed and, in accordance with Italian tradition, only for sale years after its introduction. And that was the blow to him. Because the era of the 650 cc push rod twins was really over in 1970. And the fact that the company is financially invested in accordance with the best Italian practices More

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