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  • Mz ts250 vs moto guzzi v65 policia

    MZ TS250 vs Moto Guzzi V65 Policia

    If you do not dare to drive due to an eye problem that is temporary, but still feels too long, this is a precaution. After all, most drivers are blind as hell. If you start steering by dead reckoning yourself, then that is asking for trouble. Out of self-protection, I decided to give my Guzzi to someone who […] More

  • Falling is a shame
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    'Falling is a shame' – column

    You don't always have a say in who you hang out with. I had to make a quick stop because my leg had become quite greasy. Luckily I was riding in shorts, so I discovered the phenomenon before the oil ran out. In the parking lot where I had to do some tinkering there was already [...] More

  • Honda CB750 'sandcast'. a restoration report.

    Honda CB750 'Sandcast'. A restoration report.

    If there was ever a motorcycle that changed the history of motorcycling, it is without a doubt the Honda CB750. In the October edition of Auto Motor Klassiek we have published a nice report about the restoration of this legendary machine, which has left its mark in the sands of time. […] More

  • Beeps....
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    Beeps… – column

    What is this recurring nonsense with 'babes' and motorcycles? There are even special sections in the media about your brand while roaming around in media land. Young, and very unsafely dressed and certainly near a motorcycle. Being unsafely dressed is an item in motorcycle land, I am […] More

  • Norton command mk iii. now in auto motor klassiek.

    Norton Commando Mk III

    Guy never thought he would meet his childhood sweetheart on two wheels again. It was 1975 when he bought his first Norton Commando 850 fresh from the showroom. The motorcycle was not only a reward for completing his studies, but also a symbol of freedom and adventure. His father, […] More

  • So brush...
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    So brush…

    Op alfaIn a logical order, Adrie te Veldhuis, Bas Genesse and Ben van Eerdt are genetic cleaners. Their motorcycles always look showroom fresh and competition ready. Of course they each use their 'own' brands and types of polishes, but their main tools are time and attention. My feeling towards those cleaners, who also […] More

  • On a beautiful summer day...
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    On a beautiful summer day… – column

    Where I live, on the IJssel, it is quite touristy in the summer. There are some campsites nearby where the residents from here in the village come to forage. One of them is a German who comes to do his morning shopping on a Honda Monkey during his stay here. One thing he no doubt […] More

  • "japs don't steer" – column
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    “Japs don't steer” – column

    That was once a "science" of every pub tiger whose Triumph if Ducati was broken. But in fact it was just an urban legend. Because a fresh Japanese with a good pilot was a formidable weapon in the fight against the shaky but established order. The fact that the Japanese motorcycles simply remained intact? […] More

  • Blue-plate engines: the heart of classic Hondas hit by devastating fire
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    Blueplate Engines: the heart of classic Hondas hit by devastating fire

    The classic motorcycle world was shaken when a fire broke out on August 2nd at Blauweplaat Motoren, a famous trade specialized in 70s Honda 4-cylinder motorcycles. Located in Veldhoven, the business has a huge following among enthusiasts of classic motorcycles. Marc Nudeborn, the passionate owner, was on vacation when disaster struck. The fire destroyed […] More

  • Limited editions, tribute bikes special editions

    Limited editions, tribute bikes, special editions

    We thought we had discovered a unique collection. But Wiljan also turned out to simply collect 'Vintage Motor Cycles'. Well, the collection was no less, and the fact that the Wes Cooley Suzuki 1000 even turned out to be for sale only made the visit more educational. Special editions, or limited […] More

  • Very classic: Kawasaki KZ400 from 1976

    Kawasaki KZ400 from 1976. Very Classic

    Adrie te Veldhuis from Arnhem is an almost compulsive beautifier. He is therefore the man behind this Kawasaki KZ400 that we saw at Vintage Motorcycles in Someren. The Kawasaki looks captivating. Firstly, the 400 cc twin still has pure classic lines. But it is also 100% spotless. It seems […] More

  • Suzuki t500. from superbike to kilo banger

    Suzuki T500. From superbike to kilo banger

    BV NIMAG started in 1964 with the import of Suzuki motorcycles in the Netherlands. That turned out to be a bull's eye, because in 1972 Suzuki was the best-selling motorcycle brand in our country after Honda. The patriarch of the T(itan) 500 was the Suzuki Cobra, the T500 point 1. And the 500/FIVE was there again […] More

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