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  • Honda Gold Wing. A very smooth…

    Honda Gold Wing. A very smooth…

    Karel rolled up his sleeves firmly and that led to an unexpected result: a highly sporty Honda Goldwing. The Arnhem poster phenomenon Loesje would ask: “Is that allowed?” We think so. Especially because the first Goldwings were presented as really dynamic naked bikes avant la lettre. The first generation was meant to Read more

  • About Changs, BMWs and a Harley

    About Changs, BMWs and a Harley

    When I had bought my Chang Jiang 750 cc OHV project I went to look up what I had actually bought. And about two years ago I found that on the internet… Mine and the ex of friend Ben van Helden who sometimes has just as crumbly, but usually a better taste than me Read more

  • Everything fits everything

    Everything fits everything

    The Ural needs fresh wiring. That is something with a meter or two of wire, four ANP plugs, an hour of work and a cigar. My back thinks differently now. So it would be easiest to remove the box and replace the hybrid (there is a 750 cc KMZ/Dnepr side valve block). Read more

  • Laverda RGS

    Laverda RGS

    The first generation three-cylinder had a 180-degree crankshaft, so that the block ran just as nice as a two-cylinder. This had the advantage that they had a lot of pulling power at low revs, but the disadvantage was the relatively strong vibrations. The early driepitters were brutal crooks. The three-cylinder Laverda 1000 Jota was in the early eighties Read more

  • Honda CX500

    Honda CX500

    The Honda CX 500 is a motorcycle with a two-cylinder 496 cc engine. First production year was in 1977. At the very beginning there were some problems with the cam chain tensioner. But when those were solved under extreme leniency, the CX became what it remained: indestructible. How good were those things? The Honda CX500 Read more

  • Twilight zone: The Citr
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    Twilight zone: The Citr

    We have recently moved into the classic twilight zone with modified or self-built machines. These are usually not sawn-up masterpieces, but honest pieces of craftsmanship from the past when motorcycles were not yet widely accepted lifestyle toys. Recently another such copy came into the picture That twin was a year or Read more

  • KS 100, impressive enough

    Zündapp KS100, impressive enough

    A metallic blue 1968 Zündapp KS100, a second generation, with clip-ons and fitted with a white, full fairing that was about as wide as an envelope on its side. I was barely sixteen, I stood there and looked at it. I also had a Zundapp. An old CS50 with a manual three-speed gearbox and forced cooling. Read more

  • In 25 years…

    In 25 years…

    In these strange times, nothing is certain anymore. Let alone that we know what will happen in 25 years. We may be celebrating the 24th anniversary of Putin's death. The Rutte 11 cabinet may also promise an even newer impetus. maybe Auto Motor Klassiek the only classic magazine that can still be released Read more

  • Indian Motoplane (1933). Creation of perfection for Jelle.

    Indian Motoplane (1933). Creation of perfection for Jelle.

    The real classic motorcycle connoisseur immediately knows what makes this Indian Motoplane from 1933 unique. “The engine where everything is”, was the text of the advertisement in the 30s. An engine with great pulling power and speed, but also with enormous endurance. The two-cylinder was developed for the sporty rider who is disappointed Read more

  • MV Agusta 750S

    MV Agusta 750S. In Brummen there are two more…

    And if you say there at Gallery Aaldering: “I will make it with you: I'll give the new price for it!” Then you will probably be offered a cup of coffee. Because son and father Aaldering appreciate a sense of humor. But what would you bid on such an MV Agusta 750S? Such a machine is 225 Read more

  • Rare and yet not sought after…

    Ish, rare and yet not sought after…

    As a motorcycle dealer, what should you say to a doubting candidate if you don't know it yourself anymore? “But he's purple. Purple! PURPLE!!! Buy it anyway!” Ish… Or so IZj (Russian: ИЖ) is a Russian motorcycle brand, produced in Izhevsk by Izhmash, from 1996 IzhMoto. Nice old mechanical artifacts, these Russian working animals. Read more

  • The looked into: The Yamahalf 650
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    The saw in: the Yamahalf 650

    Of course XSs are the best. And I've had two of them before. But for the last twenty years I've stuck with Russian tricycles and Guzzi's, those good tractors. Oh, yeah: And the head-down line of pre-war bikes with a rigid rear frame? I always have that very nice Read more

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