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Purchasing classics there

And that's where things go wrong. However? Because what are we reading? When it comes to cars, we speak of a classic car if the car is 25 years or older. We can only call a motorcycle a vintage car if it is older than 30 years and remains in its original condition as much as possible. A classic car is not used daily as a means of transport.

And: Motorcycles that were put into use at least 25 years ago can be registered as vintage cars.

Or: If your car or motorcycle is older than 40 years, inspected and registered as a classic car, then it is completely tax-free. To determine the age of the car, the first time the vehicle was put into use is taken into account.

If you compare that to our respective ages and that quarter-century limit: Is a motorcycle from 1999 a classic? That could be emotionally true if we include the emotional component of 'classic' as in: My father's motorcycle/neighbor/cousin/the baker, or 'My First Motorcycle'. But if that is your approach, then you must be much younger than most classic enthusiasts.

Then you come from a different world in which motorcycles are technically complicated, a world in which electronics also became stuck between two wheels and where maintaining and repairing your own pride is only given to a few.

Of course, being classic does not only depend on the year of construction, but also on emotion. Even as a heartless investor you can do something with it. Although it is not free to let such a 'recent' classic 'mature' for another 25 years. But a Buell or a Hayabusa? Or a Honda Valkyrie? These seem to be better options than heroes of yesteryear such as Harleys and BMWs that have only just reached a quarter century. And will all those Limited Editions ever be worth money? Or were and have they only been cheap marketing tricks?

If we were to invest in happiness and fun motorcycling (plus the chance that you have not immediately thrown away your money) then there is a lot of fun to be found under 10 grand (well under ten grand). V-Maxen, MT-01, Suzuki 1200 Bandits. All kinds of Triumphs. Monsters. You name it.

The advantage of those motorcycles that now float somewhere between 'old' and say classic is that in terms of motorcycle experience they are still real motorcycles and are not held hostage by dozens of electronic control cousins ​​that by their nature all die and cannot be repaired, but may still be expensive later. , very expensive to buy new. Moreover, the recent classics - if well maintained and driven respectfully - are so much better than a legendary Norton Atlas or Triumph Trident. Because in those days it was not really unusual for the first major engine damage to occur after about 5000 kilometers. But for engines from the mid-nineties, the first 50.000 to 100.000 should be largely problem-free.

Here at the editorial office, a Guzzi Cali ran until it left with 240 D on the clock (to someone who was going to restore it). Another more recent classic, a Ural 650 OHV, disappeared after 140 D km. During those 140 km he received a different engine twice, a different gearbox three times, a different cardan twice and a different cardan clock once. A few dynamos and a handful of floats plus some small items completed the job. The parts were all replaced with used stuff. That was cheaper than repairing. And I don't see that happening anytime soon with a six-cylinder Honda Valkyrie or a Buell.

If we're talking about 'wisdom' & 'right': If we just keep doing what we enjoy, then we let others have their fun too. And now Hans in Velp has a very sweet Honda NVT 650, from 1999. For only 990 euros. Look, if you buy it now, you can simply drive it for the first 25 years without any problems, and then you can polish it once. And you sell it for the top price!


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Classic or not?
Very real classics often require a little more care
Classic or not?
Rarity also comes with a price. 'fairly recent' does not necessarily mean 'fairly complicated'
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  1. Dear all, I own a 1 Buell X2000 with 120 wonderful kilometers on the odometer.
    Nothing wrong with a buell, if you take good care of it, you will keep smiling, simply without it
    modern safety systems, it just depends on what you like.

  2. You buy a lot of nice things for little. I have 3 of them, one Triumph Trophy 900 from 1998 (€2000 in 2015), a Triumph 900 Daytona 1993 (€2300 in 2020) and a 65 Honda V1985 Saber (€2450 in 2004).
    My criteria: no ABS and carburetors.
    That HinckleyTriumphs are rock solid. The Trophy has almost 200.000 on it. Uses no oil, still looks great and drives excellently. And everything works.

  3. Well, the last shirt has no pockets, that's right.
    But lowering that last shirt costs more and more, as evidenced by the crowdfundings that are now available for it, even for a celebrity like Def Rhymz, who had their own pockets pretty well lined. . . .

    Well, and classic?
    Take a look in moped country.
    Complete classics (25 / 30 years) that we knew as a young boy, and are now suddenly classic.
    The Maxi, the Citta, the MB, all 25+, and present on a vintage car ride.
    And yet you look at it and think: “already??””

    And then the word “original” is completely 2-part as in brochure original or original, there is no 2nd.
    Ranging from Kreidlers, much nicer and sleeker than new, to Puchjes that still have the original parts and are full of "patina", both "original".

  4. And then you have a bright gray area called old-timer motor scooter. In the Netherlands usually under the popular name Vespa, although in the almost prehistory of that strange case on small wheels there were and still are many brands among the true freaks among the A-licence people.
    Well, what should you do with that? With those quirky plated small-wheeled “motorcycles”?
    I recently acquired such a motor scooter again. A real Lambretta from 1964. I once even got my motorcycle license with a scooter, after practicing for several months in a few streets, recognizable by the L plate under the license plate.

    Classic or not?

  5. I didn't know there was a difference between the classic car determination for a motorcycle (30 years) and a car (25 years)! Still learned something new.

  6. Investing or foresight is for those who think that money is to fill your pockets..
    Unfortunately; your last coat has no pockets.
    So enjoy! Now!
    I have never bought a motorcycle to benefit from it (later), although I have a few that are worth something... that's nice for my descendants.
    There is so much nice stuff for sale for 500-1000 euros, even a Suuz GSX600F costs less than that.
    Buy and drive with that trade; that's what they are for.
    Even if the tank of gas is more expensive than another cage...

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