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    Custom made suitcases

    Filling the boot space of a classic can be a bit problematic. And now of course there are a lot of solutions that you can come up with yourself and that are cheap, but there is also a very luxurious solution for the luggage problems in your car. Even if you have an SUV. And such a More

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    NOT the horse of Sinterklaas

    Fungi are usually caused by poor ventilation and moisture. There are different fungi, white and black, sometimes you see them clearly, sometimes you don't. There are means to kill fungi, but first look under the sink. Ammonia. bleach, baking powder, borax, household alcohol and vinegar are also good fungal killers. If you are brave, you can experiment. Otherwise consult your classic or clothing specialist. More

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    Learn maintenance

    Wolfgang's Leather Care Cleaner is a citrus cleaner with special cleaning components to safely remove the most diverse contamination from leather upholstery. More