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Get classics from the US of A.

An advertiser recently received a reproachful letter from such a wandering keyboard knight as they too often escape their medication today. The Chrysler that our advertiser offered for 12.500 euros? Just such a car in at least as good a condition was for sale in the US for just $ 5.000. The link to the American was added as hard evidence. Whether the advertiser was not ashamed of his pricing.

But of course you can buy well in the States

You just have to keep in mind that you have to score a return flight by plane, stay there for a week or three, rent a car. Keep it up like this. Staying overnight and eating does not have to cost much. But keep in mind that you can gain two kilos per week. It is more convenient to do the preliminary phase from here and then to look specifically or to do business with a local who wants to help you. And who doesn't have family or acquaintances in the States? When planning the visits, also keep in mind that the distances there are somewhat greater than here. We know people who drive 130 miles without reservation to pick up a movie theater.

After that, the administration and shipping also have to be arranged

If the classic is here, then it has become much less cheap. But if you know the country and know how the hares run… Then it is of course a great idea to buy a car in the States. Especially when you are a bit adventurous. Because in what was once the land of unlimited possibilities, there are auction houses that specialize in the trade of 're posessed' classics and classics that are damaged after an accident. And with the latter the boys' book world begins.

Such a classic with damage?

It has been confiscated by insurance, the police or the bank. Usually there is a batch of local paperwork that shows that the classic car in question - or whatever - has been withdrawn from traffic. In the States such a thing is no longer allowed on the road. So actually wrecks are being sold. And the amounts on offer make it clear that this is the game of the traders who have decided to make life as pleasant as possible for each other ... And then you can buy a serious classic for just $ 1.000 or half of it. . Whether it's a Cadillac or a Mercedes.

Only for professionals

As a private individual, let alone as a European, it is difficult to intervene during the viewing days. We know of someone who thought to buy a nice classic Mercedes-Benz project. He was told by the local professional buyers how high he could bid. If he would go over that amount? Then he might have had a car and a lot of problems. The speaker dropped his jacket. He had a gun in his waistband. “It might only be your knee…” Because 'the trade' wants to keep prices low. At least on the purchasing side. What if you stand to bid while you think about it, whether you have just been warned or threatened?

Courtesy of salvage autos auction

However, it still seems safest to us to simply buy from our advertisers. And dreams? You do that in bed.



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  1. personally I have very good experiences with the purchase of avn and car or OT in Deutschland there is no problem if you know where to buy, preferably at a genuine Deutscher or at en erkends niederlassung and you can drive there before you buy ; they usually reserve the car before you come to you. When purchasing, if so, the purchase form must always state that the car is accident-free. if you buy then you can immediately get through the traffic office and export license plate to come home by car I bought my Mercedes SL W107 from and brought Private individuals with me and completed all administration here with export plate Also have my daily car on a MB CLS bought this mania and brought it to Flanders

  2. Not directly from Bavaria but through the now defunct “Cult Cars” in Bergschenhoek I bought a BMW 2001i from Bavaria in 323. Yes the one with “doppelt Endrohren”. From 1980, Cypressengrün, 5-speed, tinted glass, front fog lights and a Webasto sliding / tilting roof. Drove around for ten years, what a car.
    Booklets and bills included and it occurred to me that they had offered me another 323i, but I didn't like it. When I dropped by a few weeks later, the car was there again, with considerable engine damage. With my Cypres I ended up in another traffic jam on the A27. Have the appraised value paid out and have nose and butt restored as new with original sheet metal outside office hours.

  3. I sometimes watch that Chasing Classic Cars program, where a certain Wayne Cassini is always looking for beautiful classics. When I do see what is occasionally tapped for a lot of scrap, I get scared of Spanish. In any case, the dollars are flying over the counter

  4. I bought my Mustang 1965 V8 automatic in Idaho from and privately through and US side I admit it is always a gamble but I was lucky the car was certainly in as good a condition as it was praised and the minor flaws that still had to be repaired, there was a new part for it.I then had the car come over via a Dutch company and then picked it up in the Netherlands later, but the price difference was large enough to resell it if it had not been like I have described it all the more because I used to have a Mustang like this and I still have almost all possible information about it so that I could compare a lot, for example the number and the data of the chassis, but admit, it is a great risk that one takes one can buy a beautiful "photo series" and get a wreck, a pity that I can not send the photos of the entire story

  5. I also knew someone who had found the goose with the golden eggs: import from Cowboyland. Indeed, it took weeks of traveling around, haggling and papers, but he returned with his knees intact and a few weeks later his purchases were in Rotterdam.

    At the RDW, the downer followed: no headlights allowed for Europe, wrong exhaust systems with too much noise, protrusions that are not allowed here, there was a considerable cost item and in the end there was no profit. A nice adventure though.

  6. You can also (as I did then) in 1992 very naively buy 10.000 guilders in Thomas Cook Traveler checks (are there still there?), Book a ticket for 10 days to Miami, ask a friend along, and only armed with 1 Autotrader completely unprepared to america go.
    Numerous surprises await you there, eg. that America is very big, and that there are 2 kinds of '68 Dodge Chargers: Very expensive, and the one with a lot of filler.
    When you see a nice '10 Olds 68 convertible after 442 days of non-stop driving in the middle of Alabama, you actually like that too.
    If, after a lot of extra costs, you can pick it up in Rotterdam 2,5 months later (where they shake you empty again at the tax authorities ...), you realize that you were very lucky!
    It was all worth it, I still have it!

    • See, that's the true approach. And noticing that the USA is even bigger than Gelderland can be an eye opener. Just as the degree of restoration in the US is often measured by the cans of filler used for it!

  7. So it is, buying a car in another country can be fun, inform well in advance what everything costs then you know the total price. My buddy and I bought a Checker Marathon (yellow cab New York) in Denver in 1998. The owner has shot and sent a roll of photos for us, we have not even been there. We did further business via the internet at work (I did not have my own computer yet), both the purchase and the transport over land (1600 km to the coast) and by boat (about 6 weeks on the road). All in all an adventure in itself, but certainly fun to undertake and you have to be lucky, but that's also when you buy a classic in the Netherlands eh.

  8. Fallen about 20 years ago for a 1965 Excalibur I, 350 hp, photos, papers, etc. Have the car inspected and bought by a local inspection company. Transport all the way from USA private home from the Netherlands arranged, perfect. When we got home it turned out to be excellent condition in the USA, different from here. Technically good, cosmetically reasonable, but soft top, tonneau cover, seats and mats had had their days. So replace it and have the chrome work done again after 10 years. Drove all over Europe, every year a different destination, virtually flawless.
    Sold two years ago, now drives in Japan. The only car I've made money on, grin.
    So it is really possible, but with some reserve!

  9. You can also get a good and neat classic from the USA “just” sitting behind a keyboard. Indeed, you have to take a gamble. In 2010 (now) my 1986 Ford LTD eBay. A neat advertisement with photos and the necessary information. The advertiser turned out to be a company that purchases household effects and given the asking price, they had no top prize in mind. There were quite a few bids, there were also the same usernames that were outbidding each other. Something in me then said that it was going to be "mine" after all. The ad ended early in the morning sometime on a weekday. After a restless night, the alarm finally went off. Go go, quickly down, log in and 15 seconds before the ad expired placed my maximum bid. And yes, have that chicken !! Down payment, emailing the company about the further payment and 2 months (or three?) The Ford was in Roosendaal after a properly arranged transport. Nice thing: the rear window of the station wagon was full of dead insects. The car went from LA to New Orleans by train. Probably first on top of a wagon with its butt facing the direction of travel. Want to buy a car again in such a way? I do!!

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