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Okay, with a bit of good will, it's a young timer. But what matters: cars with a history are worth more. And a lot of cars are being 'polished up' in advertisements.

We received this advertisement from a reader. And found the approach of the seller heart conquering. You can reach the seller via Marktplaats ... The ad number is 889629005

Or you can leave in the coming AutoMotorKlassiek search in peace for the classic / young timer of your dreams. But we wish the current owner of this Benz a successful sale and a fantastic life Belgium, where he incidentally AutoMotorKlassiek can continue to buy in the kiosk.


MB dentThis beautiful piece of German solidity has been part of our family since new and has experienced a lot… no, HUGE.

He started life as a lease car for my father. As a result, the first two holes were already in the leather upholstery after about two hours. Because we like cycling, a station would have been a lot more practical, but hey, "it's a lease bin, so we'll throw it in the back seat".

My father was already an old guy when he took him in, so the car has not driven over the 110 km / h in all that time. The consumption was therefore regularly under the 4,0L / 100km. The absolute record was 3,6L / 100km, thanks to a defective sensor in the gearbox.

We were both so fond of the C that my father took it from his employer. That was when the counter indicated about 2,5 tons of kilometers. From that moment the car is treated as a private investment. For example, bird poop was always stubbornly removed with a scouring sponge within 6 for months ... and the rims were replaced before they were washed.

MB RustThanks to the recycled steel used in this model C, you always had rust formation in no-time in case of crushed stone and damage. So as soon as there was something wrong with the car, my father had the entire panel repainted ... by someone who should not actually be in the trade. The car has been at the car repair shop so many times that I really have no idea if there is one panel that still bears the original paint.

Anyway that's all cosmetic. It is no wonder that all those taxi farmers have ever driven such a Mercedes. With timely maintenance they cannot be technically broken. Moreover, that technology has a number of crazy gadgets. Consider, for example, the solution for traffic annoyance number 1, tailgating. The so-called "Mercedes Active Smoke Curtain" builds up slowly in the exhaust system during the ride. Activation is possible with the accelerator pedal. You get that annoying bumper liver, just like in a James Bond chase scene, right away from you! Ideal!

Exactly for that reason I decided to take over the car about 4 years ago. There was also only 390.000 km on the counter, so the beast was just run. First he got a treat and the broken rear springs, all the wheel bearings and the curved rims were replaced. In retrospect, I should not have done the latter, because when I fell asleep for the second time at the wheel, that time it was not the crash barrier on the left, but a concrete road barrier on the right that prevented the wheels from being reusable. As you can see, the C is now well prepared.

MB brakeMeanwhile, the counter indicates 563.000 km and he still drives like a charm. As you can see on the second-to-last photo, the last 7.000 km were covered with an average consumption of only 4,9L / 100km. One of the last modifications to get rid of the annoying sound of the broken door lock at the rear left is the disconnected lock. So you do not have to worry that they will ever break into it and damage the car, because the door can just open (alarm does work).

I am moving to Belgium (calm down, I just stay Dutch). After such a carefully constructed history it is of course logical that I wanted to take the car with me. Unfortunately, you first have to go to an import inspection in Belgium. The car succeeded with flying colors, but a quick calculation of the official threw a spanner in the works. The result was that the total import costs are higher than the car still has economic value. Or (Belgian accent on) "Menier, you can buy a different voitr, then import it" (Belgian accent off).

That is why I am looking for a suitable owner (allowed from both the Netherlands and Africa) to ensure that this emotionally overcharged C-class that 1.000.000 km's will get. In any case, I have no doubt about that.

I think booklets are somewhere in the car. I will look it up during your test drive.

It is a 'classic' version with:

  • Cruise Control and Speed ​​Limiter
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Leather furnishing
  • Automatic folding rear headrests (always nice to sick your passengers with)
  • electric windows
  • Towbar
  • Life Hammer (perhaps the most important thing)
  • Radio / CD player with on-board computer and:
  • steering wheel control

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