The secret of the blacksmith

The trader
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The secret of the blacksmith

Or: "From old people and things that go by".

The trader explained how he got his trade. He had become friends with his father's friends. And those were the people he bought from. It had been an investment process of around forty years, but that time had not been unpleasant.

In the past ten years he had regularly purchased classic collections or parts of them. And he thought he could continue to do so for the next ten years. From the 'friends and acquaintances of his father. Never through Trade or The Net. In the meantime, his suppliers were all men who were relatively old-fashioned and who, before fiddling with the children, wanted to exchange their things for the 'money' product that was much easier to distribute to the relatives.

“They don't want or can't do anything with the Internet. They distrust doing business online. They don't want any strange people. They know that I buy for my trade, but they want me. After all, they have known me from childhood ".

He currently buys nationally and sells mainly British motorcycles from the 1940s to 1960s internationally. And he cherishes his acquaintances who, in the next ten years, will become suppliers of excellently restored or in authentic condition early Japanese or late British. And after that? Then he goes to work with a few engines that he has kept for himself. Also for decades ... And let's just say that these are all projects that he never wanted for the trade ...

If you have already developed such a plan of action before you are twenty, you are a true entrepreneur ...

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