The VW Golf Cabriolet by William Mast and the love for open driving

VW Golf Cabriolet
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Since 2003, William Mast from Stadskanaal has been the proud owner of his Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1.8 from 1990. In fact, the car came into its possession on the day of liberation that year. The car was a crowning glory of the love for open driving, with which William was infected in the late nineties. Initially, Mast toured homeless in a few Americans, but they have been honoring Karmann's personalized Volkswagen for 16 years now. Mast told his story Auto Motor Klassiek, and would like to share his story about real convertible passion with us.

William Mast reports that he is this classic line Golf with the 1.8 injection engine (72 KW / 98 HP) bought on May 5, 2003. “The parade in Wageningen had just started when we went for the test drive in the area. Road detours meant that we were quickly lost. It was the time when navigation systems were still quite exclusive, Tom Tom was not really widespread yet. Yet we managed to find the right way again. ” The diversions and diversions didn't affect Mast's mood and the image he got of the Gulf. Because on the same day Mast was allowed to call himself the owner of a Golf Cabriolet 1.8 from 1990, with 135.000 kilometers on the clock.

Counter reading doubled, view in Italy

Meanwhile, that mileage has doubled, and the Volkswagen has already seen a lot of the world together with William and his wife. "The counter is at 270000 km, so we did drive the necessary kilometers in the Netherlands and in countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Italy." The ultimate kick? “Passing is a great experience with the Golf, which is fantastic. In our last holiday to Valmorel, we traveled about 4700 km, and the VW consumed 0,7 liters of oil, class right? ” Mast enjoys the car and lets others enjoy it in his own words. With a little sense of bravado, Mast reports that even the Ferrari-loving Italians regularly look back to his Golf Cabriolet.

Personal touch, good maintenance

A lot has been done to keep the case well preserved and to personalize it. Attention was paid to the paint job, (different and thicker) light metal was screwed under the car (“less original but tough”) and things like an armrest and rear headrests were also mounted, of course in the right color. The light leather in the Golf goes well with the dark blue color scheme of the outside. "These and other adjustments gave me my own touch to the Golf." Mast outsources maintenance. I want to maintain it as well as possible, no savings are being made. So you miss the stories about major restorations, which do not have to be carried out due to maintenance.

Active in a cabrio club context

Mast found in the purchase of his Golf Cabriolet a good reason to play an active role in a club context. “I immediately became a member of the Golf Cabriolet Club Nederland GCCNL. I have participated in many tours and am happy to organize them. For example, I devise and arrange trips through Drenthe with friends and acquaintances, colleagues or whatever form of relationship. There is one condition: the roof of the car must be able to go down. The nice thing about the organization of these trips is that I can also use them for the club. The same tours can be used later for the club, sometimes with minor adjustments or supplemented with activities. Fun!

Folder collection

Mast's convertible activities are not limited to driving your own car or arranging activities in a club context. "I am so infected with the convertible virus that the hobby goes much further." That actually started because I first wanted to obtain a folder via MP / Ebay of every car I have owned. The hobby has gotten out of hand. I now have a brochure cabinet full of about 2000 pieces of convertible brochures. There are still a few missing, but they are either too expensive or not available. It goes without saying that I have also included the necessary tests of the Golf Cabriolet in my extensive collection. ”

Golf one has company of Golf six

Mast concludes his story. Well, it is just like ourselves, after years you can take it a bit easier. In addition to the Golf 1 Cabrio, we now drive a Golf 6 GTI cabrio. Yes, that is a completely different car with a completely different experience while driving, The “1” sometimes tires you with the exhaust noise, but you will gladly forgive him with the piece of nostalgia that you get back. the “6” mainly has its speed and of course the delicious flop when the DSG gearbox switches, this is almost addictive.

Golf Convertibles are here to stay in Stadskanaal

For the trip in 2020 they can both get back to work, so that will be enjoyable. ” We know. William Mast is so passionate that we are sure that both Golf convertibles will stay happily ever after in Stadskanaal. And that the convertible community has a valuable representative at Mast.

Images: © William Mast


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