Training company 2CV4U: La vie est belle pour Louis van Rijckevorsel. 

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Lack of attention has caused the Citroën 2CV never had, but the way in which the special and sympathetic ugly duck receives attention in this training company is unique. The world of classics is wonderful anyway, but the enthusiasm we encountered in Nijmegen must be an unstoppable inner force that generates energy, creativity and productivity.

By: Dirk de Jong 

The slogan of this training company is: "Young people tinker with 'ugly ducklings' and… their future." Therein now lies the wonderful, the unique. People - who are at a distance from the labor market - are guided here to training or a paid job. Louis is wearing a T-shirt with the text: 'La vie est belle'. That says enough about his drive to not only deliver the 2CVs in new condition again. Because of his motto, he almost seems to be a member of a 'positive life' club. In addition to being a mentor, Louis is also an experienced auto mechanic within his restoration and maintenance workshop.

Independent of subsidies

Louis: “The economy of our company is simple. There are still quite interesting 2CVs that are for sale for a reasonable price. There are also 2CVs rusting in France that we would like to refurbish. While owners of 2CVs can also order repairs from us, because we are now well known for this approach. One point of attention is that a new affordable space must be found, because the current location will be given a different destination. The word 'urgent' is appropriate here. ”


“These people deliver professional work. Sometimes it can take a little longer, but the client knows our mission. It remains professional quality at competitive rates. The proceeds from the sale are used to cover the exploitation. The choice is huge, whether it is a fixer-upper or a 2CV with signs of wear (dents, scratches). Sales gives the opportunity to invest in new projects so that the continuity of the company is guaranteed. ”


For this mission: We can appreciate the maintenance and repair of old-timers as a means to increase people's self-reliance - and to gain knowledge and experience. It helps people to ultimately succeed in taking their career and future into their own hands through discipline, structure and the contacts in the training company. C'est un art de vivre.


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  1. Perhaps the chances of success are greater now that there is a growing realization that such a work project benefits society as a whole. And that not everything – such as renting a suitable workspace – should only be expressed in cents. Hopefully this company can continue elsewhere without too many problems.

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