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Triumph Herald
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The average classic enthusiast usually picks his nose for one Triumph Herald. Such a cart is not considered 'full'. It is a pity, a great pity, because in the light of time, it is a great cart that can be enjoyed a lot. Regular and good maintenance, driving 'with feeling' are an absolute necessity. Such a car actually stems from the time that 'motorways' was something that you as a viewer could experience in American films.


A Herald is built for those beautiful British A roads. Up hill, down hill, turn in, turn out. The predecessor was called Standard 8, Standard 10. With Standard Triumph it was realized that in order to positively influence sales, something 'more modern' had to be introduced. The Italian grandmaster Giovanni Michelotti was called in for this and signed the Herald. On 22 April 1959 the general public was introduced to the new baby. Unfortunately, the cart was considered too expensive, moreover with the one carburetor on the only 948 cc measuring engine, also not immediately a powerhouse: 34,5 hp on the rear wheels.


A calendar was better for measuring the acceleration. From a standstill to the almost 100 kilometer per hour: 31,1 second. At that time - luckily - they still had plenty of time to enjoy a car. That was also possible from the environment, because with the gas pedal pressed down to the bottom, the little machine screamed out and then brought 114 kilometers per hour on the counter. It must now become clear what we mean 'driving with feeling'? Hours at a time on the highway at top speed is not going to get him ... If little boys have to run fast, they get tired quickly. In the British market Harborough we saw the Coupé version parked alongside the road. In the usual two colors. Only it was painted red with a brush (and a roll). The device dating from 1961 looked unkempt, but it was still used daily. And still with the original motor! The (photo) interest caused the owner to come out.


That was just as nice, because having enjoyed it for many years was the time 'to say good bye"come. Of course you can always try: £ 1.750? nope, all the more so since further inspection revealed that it was actually a moving restoration object. Not only the doors were 'fully paid up', also under the rear window, parts of the hood. The original dashboard had made way for one of a later model (one 'clock' was missing), a piece of 'heaven' was missing ... After the price dropped to £ 1.500 it was time to say goodbye ... However, if you are charmed by such an early Herald - those are also available with an 1200 engine - then it is a matter of good searching. There are enough to buy for prices that will surprise you. A beautiful - no, not a Coupé - can already be purchased for less than 4 mille ... And then the older, the more fun.


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  1. Was fun tinkering nose up coffin inside and nice sitting on the front wheel a relief when you're used to a Mini 😉

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