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De Triumph TR250 is the most searched TR
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De Triumph TR250 is the most searched TR

If you are planning one soon Triumph from the TR to buy a series, it is important to do your homework and that is why we have some inside information. You know what it is about, you get a better understanding of the matter.

TR2 - built from 1953 to 1955: a significant improvement on the prototype 20TS prototype. A basic sports car with an 2 liter 90 pk four-cylinder wetliner.

TR3 - built from 1955 to 1957: More engine power, 95 hp and a stronger rear axle (from the Standard Vanguard, two SU carburetors and from 1956 disc brakes on the front axle.

TR3A - built from 1957 to 1962: some mechanical changes. The TR3A is the first TR with doors that can be locked from the outside. Available from 1959 with the 2,2 liter four-cylinder good for 100 hp. The sale stopped in Great Britain due to the introduction of the TR4 in 1961, but remained in the States - albeit as TR3B - Available during 1962.

TR4 - built from 1961 to 1965: new coach drawn by the Italian grandmaster Michelotti mounted on a slightly modified chassis. 'Luxury' consisted among other things of hinged windows and a ventilation system at visual height. Engine capacity 2.138 cc, larger track width and a so-called rack and pinion wheelhouse.

TR4A - built from 1965 to 1967: Almost identical to the TR4 at the latest, but with independent rear wheel suspension, similar to the one introduced in 1963 Triumph 2000 Saloon. The chassis had to be adjusted a lot. The independent rear suspension had to lead to better road holding. Previous models are in fact quite 'tail-burdened'. Although the 2.138 cc engine, neither the TR4 nor the TR4A was faster than the TR2. That was due to the extra weight ...

TR5 - built in 1967 and 1968: To overcome this additional weight problem TR4 en TR4A to resolve, received the TR5 an 2,5 liter six-cylinder engine, powered by the outstanding performance fuel injection system from Lucas, good for 150 hp. In the United States, this was not due to the emissions inspection and therefore two Stromberg carburetors were provided for that market, resulting in only 111 hp. The American TR5 became known under the TR250 type designation. The TR5 en TR250 were intended as an intermediate model. Due to the short production lead time and the small number produced, plus the combination with the 'primal model', this model has led to the fact that today this model is the most sought after TR and therefore handsome at the price ...

TR6 - built from 1969 to 1976: the TR that has been in production the longest. The TR5 chassis and inside panels of the TR5 were maintained. The coach was restyled by the German bodybuilder Karmann! The TR6 150 pk was good for the British and European market, but from 1973 there were stricter requirements and the party ended with 125 pk. The same power had the TR6 for the American market from the first introduction. Be assured, you also need to do some homework before purchasing a TR, as they can rust. Very terrible rusting. In the near future we will put our finger on the sore spot ...

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