"Value increase of classics is not a bubble"

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"The increase in value of classics is not a bubble," says Rutger Houtkamp of the Houtkamp Collection. Together with Inter Classics director Eric Panis, he was a guest at the BNR National Auto Show, which was broadcast on 8 last January. “People mainly buy exclusive cars with their hearts. We have been active in the market for many years, but only occasionally someone buys a car from us from the point of view of investing, "says Houtkamp, ​​who incidentally predicted that the Landrover Defender in 2016, among other things, will experience an increase in value. 

According to Rutger Houtkamp, ​​the increase in value of classics continues "but is not a bubble". Most clients buy a classic with their heart. "Image: Porsche
According to Rutger Houtkamp, ​​the value increase of classics continues, “but it is not a bubble”. According to Houtkamp, ​​most clients buy a classic with their heart. Image: Porsche

Rutger Houtkamp and Eric Panis also gave their views on classics in relation to the closed Chinese market. They are both convinced that the classics will also enjoy considerable popularity in China. Houtkamp: “When that market opens up, there will be another plus in price development. There are plenty of rich people in China and there are several candidates among them in the market for an exclusive classic. But even here the wealthy will buy it because they especially like it. "Eric Panis:" Incidentally, it is sometimes forgotten that the Chinese who want to collect have already bought a collection of exclusive vintage cars in Europe. They have them stored here until they can be shipped to China. "

"Trade also continues in the event of a fall in value"
The guests in the National Auto Show also discussed scenarios with regard to decreases in value. Presenter Meindert Schut asked the question what influence such a phenomenon would have on the future of an event like InterClassics. Panis responded by saying that in that case too, a good basis for the sale of vintage cars will remain. “The earnings models then of course change. But in the event of a fall in value, professional traders will need a platform to be able to continue to sell vintage cars. And there will be no negative influence with regard to stock markets. "

InterClassics Maastricht director Eric Panis told BNR's National Auto Show that the event has reached the limits of growth. Image: InterClassics Maastricht
InterClassics Maastricht director Eric Panis told BNR's National Auto Show that the event has reached the limits of growth. Image: InterClassics Maastricht

Further growth in Maastricht is out of the question
About the future of InterClassics, Panis reported that Maastricht has now reached the limits of growth. It has been one of the reasons to also launch the InterClassics in Brussels. "There we can continue to build on the growth of the stock market." Houtkamp said that Belgium is also important in another respect for the future of InterClassics. “The willingness to buy in Belgium is greater than in the Netherlands. The mentality is different. That's why the Belgians enjoy more, so buy a classic sooner. "

"RAI alternative"
Finally, Eric Panis was able to report "having spoken with four or five importers" to launch an alternative to the expired AutoRAI at the MECC in Maastricht. “That is in an exploratory phase where we are aware of the fact that we are also confronted with a number of spatial limitations. But we are open to it. "

You can view the entire broadcast of the National Auto Show of Friday 8 January here listen back. Houtkamp and Panis were guests in the first part of the broadcast.



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