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It has been relatively quiet around the environmental zone issue for some time. The heat is out of the discussion. In the Netherlands it has become clear that every municipality will soon have a choice that is limited to setting up a zone where Euro 3 or Euro 4 is the starting point. It will be an improvement on the number of rules that are currently up to date, regardless of the effect that environmental zones offer. We remain convinced that there are excellent alternatives for environmental zones. Verona, Italy, for example, a popular tourist attraction, is a good example.

Anyone who has ever been on holiday in Italy will no doubt have broken his head over the diverse range of rules and environmental zones for motorists. Or rather: every city has its own environmental policy. You can therefore face financial surprises when you return home, certainly because it is not always clear what is and what is not allowed. Verona is a nice exception to that rule.

No environmental zone, but setting up for targeted destination purposes

Through these pages, we have regularly indicated in the (recent) past that environmental zones must be abolished everywhere, and that city-center motor vehicles should in fact only be opened to permit holders and targeted destination traffic. In this way the quality of life and the quality of a stay are never compromised. The objection would be that people would avoid the city. The convenience of the car would be important. And good Park and Ride facilities would not be an alternative to an access restriction. Or ban.

strong> No influence on visitor numbers

In Verona that objection is refuted. Of course, the city offers many sights and traditionally attracts many visitors. But everyone in charge of local infrastructure and environmental measures should take a look there. The city center is closed to through traffic, only someone who really has something to do with a car can pass through the historic city gate with a motor vehicle. The countless others who do not necessarily need the car to reach the old center need not fear.

Excellent parking facilities

Verona offers various options to park your car in a radius of one to a few kilometers outside the center. The following applies: the closer you get to the center, the deeper you feel. A walk can save you a lot of money. There are enough alternatives. One of them is the Parcheggio Metropark Verona. You can park a whole day at the central station for less than € 10, and you'll be in the historic center within twenty minutes.

Excellent access roads to the center

Parking facilities are one part of the story. Because in order to achieve this, the infrastructure must also be in order. Well, if you take the Verona Sud exit from the A4 between Milan and Venice, you will immediately get an excellent example of how a center can be accessed. The access roads are spacious, and without fuss you head straight for the center of Verona. You will be there in a few minutes from the exit. You will find a place quite easily, certainly with the help of the navigation system. Then you can admire the historic Arena and the balcony of Romeo and Juliet in no time. Plus lots of other historic attractions.

Nice alternative

Anyone who has been to Verona will agree that there is a good alternative to the environmental zones in the other European cities. It is an example, but very worthwhile for the responsible policy makers to take a look. And of course not only from a tourist point of view.

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