Volkswagen Beetle from 1952 by Tjeerd. Gründlich, Ausprobiert, Preiswert.

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If we mention the word 'Volkswagen' in Tjeerd's work, it will provide hours of discussion. A true Beetle enthusiast can chat about it for hours and be willing to give a flattering opinion about this classic. ANWB made a report of a driving test in the 50s and tried to be objective, so to mention both the advantages and the disadvantages. We do not expect that strict objectivity from Tjeerd, but we would like to briefly quote the advantages and disadvantages from the article about the Volkswagen Beetle.

By: Dirk de Jong

The article highlighted the advantages of a well-constructed four-cylinder air-cooled engine, among other things. But the Volkswagen Beetle was also praised for its good road holding and steering. The combination of chassis and body provides a rigid whole. And the solid finish of the car without the mention of 'luxury', stood out. 

The noisy engine was experienced as a downside. Just like the acceleration from fourth gear. The rear seats didn't offer much comfort either. And there was also not much to say about the luggage space. 


Tjeerd: “You have to keep in mind that the constructors have done an excellent job. A great utility vehicle that was capable of great performance. And more importantly: Solid in execution and cheap in maintenance. Those are the pluses for me.”

the glasses man

You don't think of Hans Anders when you hear about the spectacle man, do you? This article is about the passion of a real spectacle man who has lost his heart to his beautiful blue VW spectacle beetle from 1952. In the 80s, the brother-in-law decided to buy a VW Beetle and Tjeerd was immediately impressed by the beautiful car. So much so, that he spontaneously made an offer in which the 'glasses' immediately changed hands. 


These are transitional glasses, a Zwitter. It was the transition from the glasses to the oval. These beetles were made from October 1952 to March 1953. So it was a pair of glasses, but with a dashboard of the new oval type. And that makes it a special Volkswagen, because they were only produced for such a short time. In fact, upon investigation, this Zwitter turned out to be the second oldest Beetle on the registry. 

And now after 40 years, the classic is still on his display! He's just proud of his beetle. It gives him a bit of relaxation during his summer rides. Volkswagen glasses have become rare – and unaffordable – but with Tjeerd it's about the game, not the marbles. Can't you feel the nostalgia when you see such a beauty on wheels? 


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  1. Always a beautiful beetle.
    I own one from production 08-70, registration part 1 from February 1971.
    Owned for 22 years now and still: er lauft, und lauft und lauft.

    Also above a gem the "glasses"

  2. Just a super solid car and if it was produced in Germany it was just super good and trusted. I have a 1200 from 1973 with a factory 12 volt installation. It was in the beginning of an old Wolfsburg VW employee and has now driven 145.000 KM with the original engine still on board. Birth certificate and everything else and converted to gas in 1999. Scheel seats and a sports steering wheel have been fitted and somewhat wider original rims with 155-50-15 tires and the well-known wider exhaust pipes without mufflers.
    This 34 HP engine is an engine that runs fantastic on gas, but has to adjust valves every 7500 Km. A pleasure to drive. 50 years old now and MOT free, but do a new MOT every 2 years. MORE DO YOU WANT?

    • I myself had a 80S (1303cc with long nose and large taillights) in the early 1.600s and drove it on gas up to 340.000 km: only real costs were overhauled cylinder heads.

  3. Registration of my father's: TP 41-83
    Would this beetle still "live"?
    I myself was born in the last year of the war and now approaching 77.
    Are you of that age too, Wouter?

  4. My Dad had one of those beetle beetle. License plate TX-63-38: you will never forget that. Dashboard was different; had turn signal switch in the center with semaphore turn signals in the door pillars.

  5. My dad had one of those beetle from 1949 (if I'm not mistaken).
    Because he wanted a newer one (oval diamond), he eventually sold it to a colleague in 1955 for 1.000 guilders.
    The new owner had the beetle completely refurbished for another $1.000 and everyone thought he was a little crazy to spend so much money on such a car.....

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