Ford Hotrod from 1932: 'Sunday cruiser' for Harry 

Ford Hotrod from 1932: 'Sunday cruiser' for Harry
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This Ford Hotrod is an American classic car that is no less than 90 years old: and is still used today! Of course no longer in its original condition, but converted into a funcar. In America the Hotrod scene is very large and especially popular among the young, and in the Netherlands there is a growing number of enthusiasts. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

The discovery of an open warehouse with a colorful collection of American vintage cars brought us into contact with Harry. It started for him with old-timers of a respectable age that were restored to their former glory as a hobby, it turned out to be more of a vocation than a passion for this remarkable car enthusiast. It is a vocation in which he can lose his soul and happiness. Why do things run the way they do? You can often not answer that, but what is certain is that Harry was surrounded by cars all his life. 

Warm feelings

His heart beats faster with the Americans of the past. He likes American culture, about generously sized car sleds. For him, America is the promised land. They have an eye for detail and think big – literally and figuratively. Clear love for American classics in which Ford plays a leading role. 

Ford Hotrod from 1932

The first registration in the Netherlands was in 1972. What is known is that the car was converted into the Ford Hotrod truck forty years ago and was painted in a bright red color. Now the Ford (still old on the outside) is technically new on the inside. Of course with a very powerful engine. A very personal view on driving pleasure. 

Extension of the hobby

Gradually, the hobby expanded. Contacts were made in America, traveling within Europe with like-minded enthusiasts. In the shed there are large aluminum signs with the Ford logo and some petrol pumps that are more than 100 years old. In addition, a large collection of license plates, Harry has at least two from every state in America. This story makes it clear that he finds satisfaction in his hobby. For the real enthusiast it is pure admiration. Harry is an enthusiastic enthusiast, his Ford Hotrod is an art object, but also unique driving pleasure and of course has a lot of attention.

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