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  • Vectis Toy Auctions
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    Vectis Toy Auctions

    This Guy flat truck is a Dinky Toys from the post-war period in a reasonably good condition and with the original box. The number is 503. Vectis is a large auction house in England where toys, now collector's items More

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    Tax issues (1)

    700 Million misses the treasury of BPM and related taxes due to exemptions on environmentally friendly small cars. The State Secretary is going to stop this. More

  • Norev Dinky Toys
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    What is this again?

    Is this the French Dinky Toys Unic Saharien tractor with trailer? It looks like it is, but it isn't. The French brand Norev has taken a number of old names out of the box such as CIJ and Spot-On. Usually concerned More

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    Tatra 603 promotion

    Found the pinnacle of marketing Auto Motor Klassiek reader Hans Oudhuis on YouTube. In the fifties and sixties people thought about marketing techniques and promotion. See here part 1 and 2 of the Tatra 603 More

  • Traction Avant
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    Another traction

    Jacob Visser made the accompanying photo during the last Citromobile held in Vijfhuizen. This is a large hand-built model of the Découvrable version of the Traction Avant. Used to be More

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    Coming up: Volkswagen Passat 3B

    It is known where the average young-timer fanatic can already choose from. But what are the youngtimers on the rise now? Every now and then AMK looks into the future and tips you on potential candidates. More

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