A German Fastback. The VW type 3

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My first car was once a VW type 3 Fastback. The manager of garage Lugtenburg, where my father was a customer, said that the car was so good that it was used as a delivery and rental car.

With the sale of the VW to the son of a customer, the entrepreneur lost both his Fastback and my father as a customer ...

Because at that time you could expect quite a bit for 300 guilder.
But everything that surprised me at the time ...

I did not expect that.
But the Fastback did teach me how to tinker and working with fiberglass mats and polyester resin also got me pretty well under control.

And did you know that you used to use fiberglass and polyester resin without breathing protection or gloves?
It was also the time that you used a towel soaked in toluene to degrease some things.
Again without gloves or breathing protection.

Well, it was my first car at the time of my first visit and during my service. All water under the bridge.

In the meantime, I am doing better than the dark green VW of the time.
On the way to the BoZo driving course, where I studied for DAF 328 pilot at the expense of the kingdom, the VW engine caught fire.

And with that the whole car.

It took a few more weeks before the burned-out wreck was taken away by an unknown service.

But when you think back about it, the Fastback was quite a nice car.
Looking around again.

Oh yes: The VW 1500-1600 type three story is in the March issue of AMK.
And if you take such a razor-sharp subscription to ANK, then you almost have the costs of such a Ponton out.

And perhaps we will soon be offering side by side.



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