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The winter period within the transitional arrangement for vintage cars is over again. This means that owners of petrol vehicles that fall under the 2016 regulation can be taken back on the road from 1 March - until and with 30 November this year.

Owners of a passenger car, truck or motorcycle powered by petrol which was first put into use on 1 January 1976 or later but before 1 January 1988 are eligible for the scheme this year. The bill for the scheme must then be paid no later than the end of last year. The owner pays a maximum of € 122 motor vehicle tax. In January and February, with the exception of a few event days as well as MOT test drives, the vehicle was not allowed to be parked on the road or in a public place.

Diesel and LPG
Motor vehicles on Diesel en FUEL - regardless of age - are not eligible for the transitional arrangement. Owners pay the full rate for this, unless the license plate is suspended. Motor vehicles from forty years and older are exempt from MRB, regardless of fuel type.

December 2016
December 2016 falls under the transitional arrangement for the current period: the calendar year 2016. Then the vehicle may not be on the road and no public parking space may be used. Even if someone has made use of the transitional arrangement this year and wants to abandon the 2017 transitional arrangement, in December of this year the vehicle in question may also be used. not use the public road and public parking places.


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  1. it is a scandalous scheme because of this you cannot drive in Rotterdam with your oldtimer that has become a youngtimer since the scheme became youngster because of the environmental zone.

  2. A scandalous scheme that discriminates against diesel drivers and LPG drivers. And the sheep from NeeDDRland just pick it up again. No roadblocks, no nothing at all. They should have done this in France! Just pay the full amount again while 20.000 euros had already been paid from 1982. It is never enough with those dirty corrupt scrapers in The Hague. We will probably emigrate because we are fed up with NoDDRland spit and spit!

  3. hi men,
    according to us must
    'taken on January 1, 1976 or later but before January 1, 1988'
    be the following;
    'taken on January 1, 1976 or later but before January 1, 1987' !!
    In other words; the 1986 are not allowed yet the '87!
    Furthermore my question; there is a table somewhere. I only always see A MAX OF 122 EURO ……
    Greetings and good luck, Marien

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