Germans build VW T2a Camper with 400.000 LEGO bricks

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You can make everything from LEGO®. And that's right. Millions of children built their own creations, or crafted the product in accordance with the supplied specifications. Today, countless product lines are available that are contained in various themes. For example, the range of cars in the LEGO® Creator and Technic lines is growing, more and more products are becoming available. However, they make a step up for the project, which two German model builders completed in a relatively short period of time: the construction of a VW T2a Camper on an almost real scale. With LEGO® stones.

Rene Hoffmeister and Pascal Lenhard used stones for the hussar piece 400.000. They thereby created the largest LEGO® motorhome in the world. The vehicle that served as a blueprint for the LEGO® motor home was a camping version of the popular Volkswagen T2a, which was built from 1967 to 1971. For the Munich leisure fair, the LEGO® Camper was unveiled in the presence of the original.

Built in six weeks

Rene Hoffmeister, one of only twelve officially certified LEGO® model builders in the world, and his fellow model builder Pascal Lenhard received the ambitious world record attempt for just six weeks. They were faced with the challenge of making a T2a motorhome - including a fold-out roof - approximately the size of LEGO® bricks. With the help of 3D programs, the two prepared a complete building plan in advance. On the basis of this they could, for example, calculate the exact number and type of bricks they would need: 400.000 pieces, although a shortage of building blocks seemed to arise in view of the harbor. It concerned 20.000 bricks that had to be used for the transparent windows. Fortunately the problem was solved. The stiffness of the side walls and the windows was another aspect that needed to be accurately determined to give the LEGO® motorhome good stability. To achieve this, a steel frame was used during construction.

Well detailed

When building the LEGO® motorhome, the duo took no half measures, because they also created the characteristic folding Westfalia roof, the well-known sliding door, the curves at the rear, the profiles of the bodywork, and historically responsible interior decoration. Across the board, the fine detail stands out, whether it concerns the bumpers, the shared side windows, or the profiling of the bodywork: everything is realized with LEGO® bricks.

700 kilos, more than 5 meters long

Details such as the kitchen, loose things and the stairs to climb the Camper were also not overlooked. Furthermore, the Camper is provided with working lighting, but the LEGO® Camper is said not to have a working powertrain. The dimensions are also impressive: the LEGO® motorhome is more than 5 meters long, 1,9 meters wide and almost 2 meters high: the folding roof increases the height dimensions by another meter. The whole, which is slightly larger than the original VW T2a Camper, weighs around 700 kilos.


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