Opel honors its large classic models during Techno Classica Essen

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Those who have a weakness for large Opel cars and their rich history will have the chance to get their hearts off the 5-e Techno Classica in Essen from 9 to 29 April. Opel Classic, in collaboration with Alt IG Opel, adds to the great German event with a number of gems from its rich history. No less than 400 square meters in Hall 2 of the immense exhibition complex have been devoted to the theme "Die Flagschiffe von Opel". We name the great Opel classics that make their appearance in Essen.

Those in charge take beautiful Opel with historic value to Essen. 80 years ago, the first large Opel was actually shown to the public. For that reason too, the pre-war Admiral (year of construction 1937) is exhibited. The "Vorkriegs-Admiral" will be joined in Essen by several illustrious Opels.

Special anniversary version

Furthermore, the presence of a special Opel Kapitän is remarkable. The Kapitän models, with many of their generation, symbolized the unlimited possibilities offered by the economic miracle. Six-cylinder engines became the norm, a trend partly symbolized by the Opel Kapitän. This Opel was very popular in Germany and abroad. The two millionth Opel was a copy of this type. On November 9, 1956, the anniversary model rolled off the tire and that was celebrated by painting the roof in a special gold color. The finish also consisted of 24 carat gold details. It is exactly this car that will be shown to the public during Techno Classica.

KAD series present

Attention is also paid to the KAD series in Essen. This saw the light of day in 1964 and consisted of the Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat models. The basic designs of the big three from Opel were the same, but the technology and equipment were different per model. In Essen a beautiful Diplomat A (with that excellent 4.6 V8) makes its appearance and this exotic represents the first KAD series worthy. The more businesslike and underestimated second KAD generation also has a delegate. An Admiral from 1970 is being exhibited in Essen. This car is also a symbol for the growth of Opel's Spitzenklasse. The second KAD series could compete with the competition. In the qualitative field, in the motor field and in the field of driving characteristics.

Senator A

The successor of the Admiral and the Diplomat (the Kapitän disappeared from the program at an earlier stage) was called Senator and came into the picture in 1977. This Luxus Opel appealed to the imagination and definitely belongs in the list of "large Opel cars". Of course, a copy of the Senator A with year of construction 1978 will be exhibited in Essen. It should be clear: Opels' history receives the attention and appreciation it deserves during Techno Classica. It also makes a visit to this special stand in Essen absolutely worthwhile.

More info about Techno Classica Essen

Naturally, the 29e Techno Classica offers much more. You read that here .

All images come from Opel, which also includes copyrights.

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