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HO! The Meern?

Isn't that right in the heart of Randstad? There is nothing to be found there because all the old barns have been swallowed up by Vinex neighborhoods? Surely. But it has since been proven much more often that there are many more treasures in the Netherlands than everyone thinks. For example, Nico Aaldering was recently called about a motorcycle that had been found between two walls. A Harley. It was bricked in when the Germans arrived ... And that was a find in the heart of Amsterdam.

But the discovery in De Meern, that was the content of the property that someone from the relatives of a local garage had bought.

A collector, a compulsive keeper

The garage mechanic must have been a somewhat eccentric collector. Because the entire building looked and looked like nothing had changed in and around since 1955. And it was full of classics in various states of neglect. But all those dormant survivors had been dry for decades. The company has since emerged as a Phoenix from the historical remains as DN Restorations. And somewhere in the attic there is probably still some old stuff.

In earthquake zone

And when the sons of acquaintances who had bought a house in Groningen a few years ago were asked if they would help empty an old barn before it was demolished, they came to proudly show their father what was in the back of the barn. The Taunus 12 M had very flat tires, was dusty, but complete. The block was even loose and there were no mice in the air filter. The Ford had been put away about fifty years ago after the death of the Grunninger neighbor's father. The neighbor had given them the newfound four-wheeler as a thank you for lugging them around. Plus 20 euros the man and a case of beer.

New growth

Funnily enough, the Taunus stays in Groningen. He has just moved up a shed and is currently being tidied up by three happy working and learning family members. And the eldest 17-year-old son is now working on his driver's license and already knows what his first car is. The classic bacillus has struck. And apparently that happens more often with young people. In the last 'Hardenberg' the predominant hair color was still gray, but there were still a lot of dark heads floating in the crowd. A nice development!

It does not yet keep pace with the finds, but there is also growth in - often club internal - key courses because many classic lovers of a later date have the passion, but no technical foundation.

With those unexpected finds, the growth of younger enthusiasts and the upgrading of key skills, our passion has again gained considerably greater chances of survival.


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  1. It may sound strange for a petrolhead, but if you travel by train you will also come across classics. You often come across the backs of houses, garage companies and industrial sites. Not long ago I traveled from Rotterdam to Deventer. On the way I came across a Daf Kalmar and an Opel Rekord B coupe.

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