Volkswagen Passat Variant GT (1992): Everyone's friend for Timen.

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Purchasing classics there

The first thing you notice about this 'burgers' Volkswagen is the beautiful condition of this car, which is now older than 30 years. The 1992 Volkswagen Passat Variant GT distinguishes itself with different headlights compared to the standard model, special rims and the striking yellow paint. The original color is LN1E Dunkelgelb, probably the only one in this shade.

The original Passat was born in 1973. This original Passat was a hatchback with an angular body and was marketed as a middle class car. In 1988, Volkswagen released an updated model that became extremely successful. It became a hit among entrepreneurs and representatives; the design appealed to a wide audience. This new model differed significantly from its predecessor.

Volkswagen Passat Variant GT in an even sportier version

The Volkswagen Passat Variant GT from Timen is a typical 90s car, characterized by sleek lines without losing sight of the practical aspects.

Miracles exist

Timen: “I was looking for an original VW from the 80s/90s for years, but rarely found something to my liking, and it was often beyond my budget. When this Volkswagen Passat Variant GT was for sale, I didn't actually know this model, but when I saw the photo I was immediately sold. I thought the combination of the striking color and the powerful engine was fantastic. The first owner came from Mönchengladbach. The only thing that has been adjusted is that the original engine (2,8 VR 6) has been replaced by a 3,2 V6. The adjustments were made with original VW parts, which met my personal wishes.”

The Volkswagen Passat Variant GT scores high

Timen: “The Passat scores highly with me because of its striking appearance and its now exclusive status. You rarely come across this GT version with the 6 cylinder engine. My brother Femme and his colleague Sander have a company, Funky VW, that specializes in importing unique Volkswagens from Germany. They have a keen eye for special models that find their place in the Dutch classic world. I regard this Volkswagen Passat Variant GT as a pearl in the world of youngtimers and classics and am extremely proud of it.”


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  1. Nice model. We also had 1 plus 1 of the model below with the small grille. Ours was red and burgundy in color. The red did fade over time and became matte/dull in color. However, they drove nicely, the first with an 1 engine, the second with a 1800 liter automatic.

  2. Super! A B3 Passat with VR6 was the car to beat and then Opel, Ford, Renault and PSA followed with big six-cylinders in their middle class cars. I still remember that we drove east on the A6 with a heavily souped-up Innocenti MiniCooper in the slipstream of a VR12 Passat, at over 185 km/h, so a cacophony of noise and that high ass of the VW as a view.

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