A Chrysler Newport sedan from 1964

Chrysler Newport
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Classic enthusiasts nowadays pay more for barn finds and unrestored cars than for top restorations. Weird? Why not. Restoration work, however beautifully done, takes away the shine of the past. We found a never restored 1964 Chrysler Newport sedan.

In Chasing Classic Cars, Wayne Carini easily mentions seven digit numbers for a car with fire damage and thirty years of overdue maintenance by sleeping in a forgotten shed. The idea remains: Unrestored = worth a lot. And there a bell rang with us. Because had we not heard about an unrestored car from an old lady? A car that due to circumstances ended up with a dealer in cars from the affordable segment? “We look up!” After some thought, we knew that the car had landed in Oosterbeek in Gelderland.

At Garagebedrijf Schoot

We first looked at the site. The car we remembered was indeed still there. For four thousand euros less than the previous owner years ago we asked for our memory. And that was before unrestored cars became so valuable. We are talking about a Chrysler Newport Sedan from 1964. Such a Chrysler Newport was the entry model of Chrysler. "Ex works" he even had only small chrome-plated wheel covers, no chrome-plated decorative covers covering the entire rim. Our wheel model does have luxury hubcaps. Because Paul Schoot bought the car while the hubcaps were completely finished. And he liked the luxury hubcaps. During the first test drive, a newly purchased hubcap pulled its own plan ... And so four new ones had to be found.

In the meantime we were talking and made an appointment

We found the Newport in the showroom and fell for his patina just like years before. Lacquer that has just been polished through? How much more can a car show that an owner has hugged and cherished it? The story was refreshed again: Was it from an old lady? Check! History well-known? Check! Walked very few kilometers? Check? Small updated paint damage on a flank? "Is because once a snow chain had been knocked off the front wheel". Could be just like that. Visible damage? The front bumper depends on one side. That is part of cars that have been from old ladies. We ourselves also have bad experiences with old ladies behind the wheel. The hood ornament is missing. We are looking up!

But what would Wayne Carini think of this car?

He is probably not unique enough for him. Because friend Wayne is very high in the quality tree. But how high can you set the bar? Paul Schoot dreams a bit at the Chasing Classic Cars prices that we come up with. Maybe his Chrysler is worth tons. In America. In a TV program. Ever. He has had the car parked for years. He is quite in love with it in silence. And he argues as an enthusiast instead of a trader: "If I sell the Chrysler, then I no longer have a Chrysler ..."

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