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The age limit for vintage cars in Belgium will be set at 2018 year at the latest in 30. This will ensure greater agreement with other European countries. Until New Year's Day 2016 the limit in Belgium was set at 25 year. This is still the case in Flanders. In Wallonia, the age limit per 1 January 2016 - without transitional arrangement - has been raised to 30 year.

The announced and implemented changes follow a European measure that, in addition to age, also imposes two other restrictions on the cars in question. For example, the specific vehicle type may no longer be in production. In addition, there are cosmetic and technical requirements. This way the original state must be preserved. In addition, it is intended that the technical characteristics of the main components have not undergone any changes. The age limit of 30 years has been applicable in Belgium since 2014 for the import of old vehicles from outside the European Union.

When will the new scheme start?
In Wallonia, 1 was raised to 2016 years on January 30. The Flemish people take longer to adjust the legislation regarding old-timers. The changes must be recorded in 2017 at the latest. Reportedly, the rule in 2018 will be operational throughout Belgium.

Transitional arrangement in Flanders, not in Wallonia
A transitional arrangement will be introduced in Flanders for vehicles that have already reached the age of 25, but will not be 30 years old under the new regulations. Although there is a draft agreement, no concrete agreements have yet been made in Belgium. There is no transitional arrangement in Wallonia. The age increase was implemented in one go.

Ecotax in Wallonia
The Walloon government also decided to introduce an "ecotax" for vehicles that have not yet reached the age of 30. The amount of this tax is determined on the basis of a registered environmental class. If this class is not known for the type of vehicle, an amount of 600, = is owed anyway, in addition to the fixed rate.

Relaxed 2013 rules
In 2013 the rules of use with regard to vintage cars in Belgium were relaxed. From 1 July of that year, vehicles with the "O" registration number used in Belgium may be used day and night, provided the purposes are not related to commercial or commuting. The old-timers in Belgium may also not be used as a taxi or "tool". It is permitted to take passengers on board for recreational journeys.

Thirty years also for the Netherlands?
In the Netherlands, a vehicle is only considered an old-timer when the age of 40 is reached. The tax rules that became current as of 1 January 2014 provide, as is known, for a transitional arrangement for petrol-driven vehicles. When a gasoline vehicle is registered for the first time before 1 January 1988, it occurs before that arrangement with a reduced rate and limited options for use eligible. However, the Dutch legislator is not obliged to reduce the age limit from 40 to 30 years. The age of 30 years is - transitional arrangements excluded - a minimum guideline. The time-honored and excellent working Amendment van Vliet did provide for a gradual build-up to thirty years and could serve as a good example for the whole of Belgium. Italy is, however, obliged to adjust its standards to an age limit of thirty years, since a motor vehicle in De Laars is already an old-timer by the time its 20th birthday is reached.

Update: 6-1-2016, 20.00 hours
Thanks in part to Ostwelt Werkstatt, Merksplas


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  1. The Netherlands wants to be the best boy in the class again with a discriminatory scheme in which petrol cars do receive a transitional arrangement, but LPG and diesel must be 40 years if necessary. A ridiculous scheme that has only done damage. Financially and with regard to the environment, it is a deep shame that the Netherlands cannot comply with European directives. We will have to force the rig in The Hague to submit to 30 years for all types of fuel!

    • The Netherlands now has an excellent arrangement, rightly so that the anti-social arrangement Van Vliet is gone. Only the diesel and LPG exemption for 40 year and older still abolish and also mandatory three-month suspensions.
      Great arrangement for the hobby user, but not for the abusers of the past, but Jan with the cap must also pay mrb for his old golf.

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