Audi 80 F 103. Long-term parking

What do you do if you own a 80 Audi 103 F 1967 that still looks excellent but will no longer provide driving pleasure? The owner's answer is simple: Put it in the attic, maybe it is just like in the fairy tale, after many years there will be some prince who will take care of the Audi. 

By: Dirk de Jong

But no kidding: As far as the owner is concerned, the Audi 80 F 103 remains standing for years to come. (Whoever saves what ... he has what.) As classic enthusiasts, we know that car fun doesn't stop when he no longer appears on the road. We can also enjoy each other's property with fellow addicts (?), Isn't it more like a means of transport? 

With this photo we can take a step back in time. 53 years ago the 'lead by technology' was delivered in Germany. Its power: 4 cylinders with a capacity of 1,7 L and a whopping 150 km per hour. Now it is a still life in the attic of a beautifully kept shed in the Frisian countryside. 

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