Auto Motor Klassiek in November and a preview

This beautiful Coupe is kurz gesagt OK

The new one is now Auto Motor Klassiek, the November issue, ready for the printer. We have again tried to make it a nice varied piece of reading material, together with our editors. Below you will find a preview of that song. Then you already have something to read.

The cover story was written by Erik van Putten. Erik is an avid enthusiast of the Opel Kadett, he has therefore fully engaged in publishing a beautiful and extensive article, full of interesting facts. He was also allowed to take the Opel Kadett with him to drive it for a while, how did he like that? You will read it in the next issue.

Restoration Volvo C202 Laplander

Having and especially traveling with a camper, on an adventure in far and less distant countries, it is becoming more and more popular. Certainly also within the classic market. Various classics are converted into motorhomes. But converting a Volvo Laplander into a camper? We hadn't heard of it until the project of father and son Guido and Henk. It was not only a conversion to a camper, but also a complete restoration. Jouke Bloem made an extensive restoration report, with many photos. An article that you really should have read.

Ford Granada of the first series

In front of the church people there was quite a neat Granada, only Ton Sankrediets started to get a bit of tobacco from the sloppy C-pillars and the commentary on them. Then immediately take care of the entire body, whereby as always more old sore came to the surface than the Brabant Ford enthusiast could estimate. Oh well, it kept him off the street during the lockdown and now no one really dares to crack a critical note anymore. An article by Aart van der Haagen.

Taunus 17M, but then two

A Taunus 17M from the fifties is quite a rare sight. Two together you see even fewer. Yet the two Postema brothers have one, prompted by their father's passion when he rode another early. Max de Krijger made a fascinating article about it.

And a real movie star

In this song we even have a real movie star. Maybe you were even a big fan of it at the time. The Chevrolet Camaro from the movie Sweethearts survived the XNUMXs just fine, even though it also has some racing history. You can read the ins and outs of it in the November issue of Auto Motor Klassiek, an article by Aart van der Haagen.


Ever knew that so many type designations were used by more manufacturers? We went looking and editor Peter Ecury managed to publish the sixth part of it in this issue.

From first owner

Sometimes you still find it, 'from 1st owner'. Usually the classic is already for sale. In the case of Martin's 750 Honda CB 1 K1971, however, not. He bought the engine new at the time, has run it in neatly and has now put over three tons on the clock. A beautiful story full of experiences and adventures. Editor Dolf Peeters visited him.

The most powerful production engine of its time

You wouldn't expect it, but motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha also went through a very difficult period in the 750s. The launch of the very modern and new TX750 twin almost heralded the bankruptcy of the famous motorcycle division. Eight years after introducing its first four-stroke, the Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. a new gun that could be worthy of the term 'superbike'. With the experience of the XS1100 in mind, an entirely new design group had thrown itself into a new four-cylinder in-line engine, which should rival all competitors. Editor Hans Smid immersed himself in the fascinating history of the Yamaha XSXNUMX and of course also managed to score a nice model for the article.

And then too

A preview of this issue is available by clicking on the cover below.

As mentioned, the November issue is ready for the printer. If you subscribe before Thursday, you will receive this number first in the mail. Unfortunately, the prices for a subscription will increase due to the record prices for paper, but you can still subscribe for the super low rate of € 39,50 for twelve issues.

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