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Cover AMK 12-2014The new AMK will be available in stores in the Netherlands and Belgium from tomorrow. In the December issue we even get a little bit into the Christmas spirit in our 'Out of the old box' section. Peter Ecury has again collected numerous pictures and knows everything about it in two pages.

But beforehand we will of course start with the short messages about technology, events, practical matters and funny things that our editors have encountered along the way. It also appears that even the classic fan hardly has to get bored in December.

Do you not know what to buy for your fellow classic enthusiasts for Christmas? In our Wannahaves series you will find lots of great ideas to pamper yourself, or a friend or family member.

Of course, the sports and rally pages - including the columns of the DHRC - will also be available this month. Just like the report of our previous photo competition on Facebook ( or Bobs Book Corner.

Adri Brevet went along with other enthusiasts on repetition and rode along with the occasion of the 40 anniversary of the Citroën CX organized Raid Artique. Nice how some things come about thanks to various forums such as it Citroë A report of Adri's experiences also in this AMK.

The FN M13 450 SV de Luxe is an extraordinary appearance. At the time of the introduction, almost sixty years ago the thing caused a stir. Why? You can see that in the December edition of AMK.

The second part about the cooling of your classic can be found in this issue, after the first volume was released in November. In our technical section.

It is special, the Triumph TR2 Francorchamps. There are only 22 of them made. The first of these is in AMK, the 21 cars that came after that have undergone numerous improvements, which makes this one even more special.

Special is also the Shelby GT500CR. If only to drive it, in this Eleanor lookalike. Aart van der Haagen has experienced this in his outing in 2011 composed classic.

“But don't expect my Alvis to be in competition condition. We drive quite a lot with it! ”Such a quote naturally says everything about the Alvis TD21, about which Perry Snijders writes in the new AMK.

Having a classic can of course be extra fun if you can also use it for business, in whatever way. Like Frans Heyl does with his Renault Dauphinoise. Because the car fits perfectly with its antique and flea market. Thomas Touw was there and looked at it. But luckily it didn't stop there, as you can discover in this issue.

The previously independent youngtimer magazine Auto Motor Youngtimer has already been included in several issues Auto Motor Klassiek. Which makes the latter not only a lot more versatile, but also a lot thicker. The appendix is ​​its own magazine, with news, columns and articles. This is how you will find a report of the Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge back…

But also an article about the brand new young timer company of Gijs Jansen. He has a preference for BMW and you can see that on the first page.

Dolf Peeters writes about the Triumph Trident. Although of course it is no longer the revolutionary T150 three-cylinder from the past and the conveyor belt radiates from every angle, this is already a real young timer.

Again Perry Snijders was surprised by the character of the T. "Not as iconic as a Defender or G-Class, but an example of quality" as he summarizes the car.

We have expanded our immensely popular section with reader letters for this issue and perhaps the next. In the meantime, there were already so many letters on the virtual shelf and we had been almost three months behind that it was necessary. Of course, that does not mean that you do not have to send more letters, the more the better. Just keep talking about topics that appeal to you or finds for the section 'Verkeerd Afgelopen'.

Finally, we have reached the final piece of every AMK. The small advertisements, classics or classifieds or whatever you want to call them. In it you can spend hours poking around for fun classics, even if you just want to watch nice pictures. Or maybe you will see something for the next spring and summer. It could just be.

Enjoy reading!

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