Automobilia auction in Ladenburg on December 9 and 10

Automobilia auction in Ladenburg on December 9 and 10

It is now December. The weather is a lot less pleasant outside, your classic may already be inside, especially if it falls under the transitional arrangement. You may have already started the restoration or partial restoration of your classic car. Will spend more time in the garage or perhaps your own man cave. Moreover, the holidays are also approaching once again.

All of that makes it a good time to buy some automobilia. Special items to decorate the perhaps still bare walls of your garage or mancave, or any atmosphere improvements whatsoever.

Automobilia auction

Then it is of course extra nice that Automobilia Ladenburg is organizing its auction on December 9 and 10, which is also nice for the holidays. They are not just things that you can also purchase at any classic car fair. For example, a Ferrari menu from 1932 was auctioned during the most recent spring auction. The buyer probably didn't hang that on the wall in his workshop. The thing raised more than 72 grand, a record.

2497 lots

No less than 2497 lots are hammered off in the Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz in Ladenburg, where the auction is held. As a car enthusiast you will find everything that can get you excited about it. Think of sales brochures of just about every brand, but also rare car parts, race programs, tool sets, suitcase sets, race overalls such as those of Gilles Villeneuve from the 1 Formula 1978 season at the auction this weekend, Villeneuve won his first Grand Prix.

There will also be three Ferrari factory postcards from 1947, showing the first Ferrari, the 125 S, from different angles. Things that make the diehard Ferrari enthusiast's mouth water. Of those cards, only about ten were made each. How many of them are left? Perhaps these are the only ones.

In addition to these lots, the auction also features XNUMXs memorabilia, such as Earl Howe's original racing hat. Howe used this cap from the early XNUMXs. Perhaps he had also done the test that such a cloth helmet was a lot safer when dropped from five floors. In addition, the hat remained intact, while the helmets that he threw down for comparison also broke. Howe raced in many different race cars including Mercedes-Benz SSK, Alfa Romeo 8C and Bugatti.

Also a rare complete set of the 'Rapiditas' commemorative publications about the Targa Florio races from 1906-1930. Anyone who happens to be looking for a motor from one Alfa Romeo 6C 2300MM from 1938, which can also be found here. You'll just need it. But of course it also looks nice in the corner of your workshop.

Another special feature are the two Mercedes-Benz racing posters, which are probably the only examples still in existence. These are preprints for the races in Hungary and Germany from 1936. The posters were never published due to the lack of success of the 'Silver Arrows' from Stuttgart. As a lucky buyer, you will probably not want to hang these unprotected on the wall of your mancave.


Of course there are more details, too many to list here. Fortunately, the entire catalog can be viewed digitally via You can also go there for more information and future auctions. The auction starts on Friday 9 December at 10 am. 

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